Monday, January 14, 2013

Seriously, stop trying to kiss me....

Remember that one time when I was being a cool mom and getting a new Wii game-- Skylanders-- set up on a school day? And remember how I had to unscrew the tiniest screw, like the size of a flea, but I didn't give up instantly upon seeing it? I know that you must be super impressed by now. If you're not, I'm sorry that you don't appreciate the triumph. But triumph it was and so ensued the search of a screwdriver that would get the job done. 

I brought the first screwdriver back, only to discover that it wasn't a fit. We needed smaller. And then we tried with a different one. Smaller. So another screwdriver. Still not small enough. At this point, I've invested a good 20 minutes into getting this dang game up and running all in the name of being the cool mom, for crying out loud. I'm trying to keep good to my word, to not be a quitter, to be the provider of freaking magic in my boys' life instead of just the mean lady who yells way too much.

At this point, Papi walks in from work, and before I even had time to explain the dilemma our crew was in,  the boys were glued to the TV, paddles in hand, on their way to helping the giants overtake the homelands, one chapter at a time, deeming their dad a HERO.

and so has been the scene as long as these boys are in control!
And me? The girl who did all the fruitless footwork? Oh don't worry, I was just in the kitchen, scrubbing the dishes. Unthanked. Unnoticed. Useless. Except to clean up after them.

Not that I'm surprised by the unfolding of this situation. My teenage years were plagued with the reoccurring theme of trying to start my car time and time again to no avail. My dad would come out "to take a look", and sure enough.....first try, the car is started, ready to rock and roll. Or how I try every trick in the book to open a stubborn bottle cap before relenting to help....only for Yosh to open in on the first try.

Go figure.
The way the cookie crumbles?
Superhero-esq power?
Male luck?

And can we talk our male luck for just another brief minute? Our recent Harry Potter family reading sparked the spontaneous convo of magic and powers on the way home from school the other day. Dallin generously said he would make it so that Harry's family would be nice to him. Porter would wave his wand and everyone would be his friend....."except girls. All they do is try to kiss me. Leena, Claire, Samantha, Evan.....that's all they ever try to do."

"Yea, I wish they would stop chasing me and trying to kiss me," said no elementary school girl ever.

Male luck?
Superhero-esq power?
Who knows but for surely it's the way the cookie crumbles.


  1. HARRY POTTER! Is everyone reading the books for the first time? I love living vicariously through a new Harry Potter reader. I may even get a little envious. And I love what your boys would use magic/their wands for! Too sweet and funny:)

    1. Yes, we're first time readers- even me, sadly! So far we're loving it!


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