Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And so the Tables Turn....

Guess what I didn't do today?
This mama didn't make breakfast.
In fact....in fact... I had breakfast made for me.

That's right.....Special K with cut-up strawberries. And precisely 19 blueberries on the side.
What did I do to deserve this?
Well, yesterday I supported my Skylander-loving-son on his mission to obtain another guy.
Which meant a trip to Target and for us big city people, that implies an at least 30 minute trek.
All for him to spend his hard-earned dollars on a guy.
I had temporarily reached goddess status in his eyes.

Operative word being temporarily.
Because it wasn't 10 minutes after we were home that Porter was back to fighting with his brothers- story of our household- and soon, I-- an innocent onlooker-- was somehow once again thrown forcibly into the ring, although I was doing no yelling and throwing no punches. But still the same, I was deemed mean and was back to being treated like a punching bag.

Until....his dad got home. Porter excitedly shared the good news, that he had obtained another guy, and Yosh said, "Wow, your mom is pretty cool. You must be being real nice to her."

 And the light bulb turned on.
Instantaneous behavioral 180.
That continued onto the morning.
And tag-teaming with his brother to make breakfast for his awesomely, cool mamacita.

As we were driving to school, I asked them if they noticed how peaceful and good we all felt. 
And HALLELUJAH they did.
At, which point, I snatched up the opportunity to start in on my brain washing.
"See how good you feel when you do your mama right, when you treat me good and are nice, and serve others?"
You better remember that, boys! 
 I feel it in the bounds of my motherly duty to point this out. In these upcoming years, my boys are going to be looking high and low to figure out how to "feel good." If I find positive ways in which that feeling was achieved, you better believe I'm going to be bringing a big ole spotlight to it.

Shower thy mother with love and service and thou will feel good, reads the 11th commandment.
Please do me the favor and never let my kids know that Jesus narrowed the commandments down to 10...


  1. love it when my kids figure out these kind of life lessons! and who doesn't dig special k with strawberries for breakfast.

    1. Scabs! So good hearing from you! I, too, love when the kids figure these things out. Now, about remembering them.....! Hope you're doing well! xoxo


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