Friday, January 11, 2013

Louis Vuitton Looks Good on Me

Just when I thought I was looking all cute in my little get-up and that it couldn't get any better.... 

Louis Vuitton entered my life.
Before last night, I didn't even know Louis Vuitton made leather jackets. Or had a clothing line for that matter.
What are the chances that the same night I discover this little factoid, the very same night....
I slid one of those bad boys right onto my body?
Take a probability times the hypotenuse of 'b squared'  guess on that.

 Well, slim to none is the answer.
Rounded to the nearest none.
Well, except that the girl who let me in on the secret me was wearing the jacket.
Minor detail.

Do you think it's classless at 32 to ask your friend if you can just try it on?
Should I have shelved that habit years ago with my high school graduation diploma?
What about taking pictures while just trying it on?
And post them all over the internet?

{shirt: Madewell, jeans: Madewell, belt: Nordstrom, jacket: we'll never know}

Yosh, I know this picture is blurry. And blurry, low quality pictures do NOT belong on this blog.
But....Louis Vuitton even looks good blurry. 
Don't fight it.
I'll never be the same. 
I momentarily tasted greatness.
Ahhhhhh....the things you learn in LA.
But I'd be lying if I said it didn't look good one me.
What's your take....Louis Vuitton or no Louis Vuitton?
Is designer a waste or is designer fine taste?
Speak now, friends!


  1. First .... You look amazing, like really amazing! Pretty sure you need that jacket and who cares if it costs as much as a car? I don't! ;) Secondly I LOVE you previous post!! I need to remember all of that! Miss you Gay, so good talking to you today! xoxo

  2. Gay! You look great in that jacket! Gorgeous. Xoxo

  3. Ahhh I knew I should have snuck away with the madewell package. Jk jk. I remember you saying you hated jackets, so if this is a good fit, put cha money on it! You go girl!

    1. the Madewell package would have done you well! I'm glad someone else put their money on the jacket-- now I can just at least touch it every now and then! Good enough!

  4. Girl love love love a good jacket! You my friend look FABULOUS in it!

  5. what are girlfriends for, if you can't try on each others things? right?


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