Thursday, January 3, 2013

Im' Callin BS

A picture says a thousand words.

But those words aren't always the truth.

These pictures don't say that we walked out the doors at our "fun family outing" to the Natural History Museum? {I now can't even remember which museum we went to} about an hour after we entered them. Can't say we got our money's worth and feel good about that statement. But sometimes an hour is all you can handle.

And these pictures probably don't tell you that at least one of our children requested a new family. Multiple times.
Yet declined the offer to be dropped off in the middle of who-knows-where-we-were.

Or that there were more "dumb butts" "I hate you's" and "you're a dumbo" said than is ever necessary.

Yea, those above pictures don't even begin to tell the real story of our Saturday. 

On the other hand, this picture might finally be telling the truth....

ice cream makes everything better. Even our terrible Saturday morning outing.


  1. This is why Instagram can't be trusted. Half the time all the fun it looks like they are having they were probably miserable

  2. But good job for getting out. A for effort!

  3. Sometimes things just don't go as planned! And all is well that ends well, haha.

  4. looks like how a saturday should go with 4 littles!! I can b.s. on so many of the "popular" bloggers and "children's lifestyle blogs". I know some of them personally and their pictures do not say the 1000 words that are going on behind them.
    That is why we can never compare!

    love those kiddos and Diddy Reese. Im way jealous


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