Friday, January 4, 2013

Close your Eyes, that's when I Appear

They say love finds you when you're least expecting it. Kind of a depressing thought for an over-aware love seeker. I was looking for love around every corner I turned, daring it to sneak up on me and surprise me, despite my superstitious belief that I was sealing my own fate.

I was dating this one guy, where we had more crazy connections than I could have ever dreamed of, and I knew that our relationship was a lot more than coincidence. It was meant to be, baby!

It was meant to be....minus the fact that he was super hot and cold with me, unpredictably on and off. And that last little thing...the one of him breaking up with me when we were on our way- literally 5 minutes away- from my brother's house for dinner. Wish I would've had the nerve to send him on his happy way with an empty stomach. Other than all of was meant to be!

One week after the break-up, we were hanging out/seeing each other for the first time when my phone rang. And let me tell you, it was from one awkward conversation to the next! Some guy was on the other end, taking his sweet little time to even say hello. After getting out his greeting, along with participating in some background giggling, he finally deemed it time to start the conversation with me. The end point being, he wanted to take me out on a date.

Which should have been a dream come true for a lonely heart like me. But here was the problemo: I was sitting in the car with the guy that was surely right for me- he just didn't know it quite yet. Second issue being that I hated dating. Not that I ever went out on dates, but I was definitely more the hang-out-and-get-to-know-each-other kind of girl. I  was veeeerrrryyyy uncomfortable with the thought of spending an allotted amount of time with someone I had no idea whether or not we would connect. And guess where he was asking me out to?

A Cardinals game.
And dinner.
Not the shortest date in the world.

After skirting full-on commitment, I told him I would call him back. I went ahead with being my indecisive self, trying to come up with a legit reason to say no-- not because of him...just because of.....well, dating. But no dice. I had no reason to say no.

So the next day, I anxiously awaited rain, my only hope for canceling this outing. In the meantime, I tried to recall any details from our engaged {?} 5 minute conversation from the day before. After all, I was the one who took it upon myself to shout from a mile away, "HEEEEYYYY.....aren't you Lucas's friend?" Lucas had told me he had a friend coming in town and this lone boy at church looked the part to being that friend. So I said hi. Because I'm friendly.

And said friend called me because he was lonely. Lucas was busy being a committed employee which left his friend rolling solo for the weekend. That much I remember from our conversation. Which I'm sure is what prompted his introverted self to call a stranger and ask her out.

Alas, no rain came and I was committed to 4+ hours with an {almost} absolute stranger....

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