Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cribs, Crying, and Correcting

I think we officially brought Christmas in like 2 months ago when, somehow, the movie of choice became....

The Polar Express.

Which, God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen, is a great movie. In December. And November.
And against the odds, even in September and October.

So I don't know if it's been the early start to Christmas or the Thanksgiving break traveling, 
Introspection at Monterrey Bay Aquarium
Hanging with the cousins in Palo Alto. Roller skating, eating, and BYU footballing

Morro Bay in (by?) San Luis Obispo. Rock climbing and sea otter watching
followed by hosting the fam for the rest of the break, which together resulted in one big 10 day party...that has come and sucked the Christmas ambition right out of me.

And by Christmas ambition, I mean decorating. We're on, I think, day 2 of decorating and we have the tree up and approximately 2 other festive pieces adorning the crib.

Speaking of cribs, do you want to watch the funniest crib clip? I swear, it gets funnier with repetition. Like, by the third time, the preemptive laugh alone might cause a little potty leakage from all the mommies and weak-bladdered souls out there.
Homeboy cracks me up. And is legit. And humble.

Which just sparked a brilliant idea. I should just make my kids watch this video (for the 354th time), showing them the real definition of humble and bare and decorationlessness when they start complaining about the lackage of decor that we {don't} have going on here--
and believe me they will. I heard all throughout Halloween season.
Mom, where are our Halloween lights? And I want a scary face man on our front door. -deeter
Mom, so not to be mean, but our house really isn't that cool like the other ones...right??? -dallin
And at this point of the discussion, I'm thinking, "Who, but seriously...who... goes all out decorating for Halloween?" I get all tempted to call these people cra cra and blame them for my underachieving self decor.
But I hold back.
And besides, it provides me hours of entertaining my kids as we drive in circles with Taco Bells crumbs covering our whole bodies as we admire the creations. Dinner and a show is what I provide at those decorators' expense.

So, yes, I know I'm bound to hear it....times 10...if I don't pull it together for Christmas.
And God knows this too, which is why He has caused the rain to stop.
Which immediately has filled this hollow, deprived body with ambition again.

Ambition and answers...
it had nothing to do with the Polar express, the traveling, or the Hosting.
It had everything to do with the rain.

And, tid bit for ya,
homegirl doesn't do rain.

Peace out ya'll, I got crap to do....
and for the first time in a few days that doesn't meaning curling up in a blanket and closing my eyes.

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