Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You know you've been dying to know....

I was pretty elated when we moved to Southern California. If you want to know why, go take a listen to Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Californication" and then you might get it. There's a magical ring in the phonetics alone of California. I expected to be mesmerized. But with that expectation came another one....I expected for it to wear off. I expected to get complacent with 72 and sunny and miss snowflakes and white blankets.
Yet to happen. 
You guys, I don't miss the cold.
I dread snow.
Even for the Holidays.
And let me tell you, there's not much to miss when you replace movies and fireplace sitting with other activities.
What type of other activities, you ask?
Yoshi's family made the trek down to spend the week with us and indulge in the food and activities.
And let me give you a glimpse:

See, who has time to miss anything cold when you're beaching it up on November 23rd?
Or when you're cruising the boardwalk?
Or having a lunch that overlooks a sparkling ocean?
Or eating the cheapest, best ice cream cookie sandwich at the infamous Diddy Riese?
Or going on a picturesque hike that gives you a view you've only had while flying in an airplane?
Or running 100+ steep stairs four times?
Ok, I admit it. I just crossed the line. I might take cold over stairs.
And not to mention, my kids were in heaven.
Kids, I know you'll be creeping and reading this. And 10, and even 20 years down the road, you're going to be reading this. And you best remember...you were in heaven. Dad and I provided you with nothing short of heaven. 
Nothing short of heaven.
So reconsider your complaining, por favor.
About anything and everything in your childhood.
In short, it was a great week.
And PS, here's a little tip.
Coming from a third timer....
Go see "Pitch Perfect".
And here's a big fat You're welcome in advance.
And a sorry if you were covered in snow this Thanksgiving.
Unless you like snow of course.
So now I'll be shutting my mouth.

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