Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{In the Words of a Very Wise Soul...Lululemon}

10 rows separated the soak zone and the comfort zone. 10 rows separated our party.
Until I realized why: I don't like being uncomfortable.
I wasn't hanging out my kids because I don't like being uncomfortable.
With this realization, a surge started somewhere right below my heart. I tried to ignore it but it kept creeping up in a slow, flood-like motion, rising higher and dispelling anything in it's path. My insides started unanimously chanting, "GABEY, GABEY, GABEY," until I couldn't resist the energy. I scooped up my Deeter bug, Kaia followed close behind, and we gave into the urge...."we're doing it!"

We closed the 10 row gap.
With all five of us sitting in 3 seats, we awaited the wrath of Shamu. 

Soak Zone is a correct label for those seats.

This single experience made my day a hundred times better.

In the words of Lululemon~

Today's a new day- what will I do to get outside of my box? To experience life at a slightly higher level? To cross the boundary of comfortability that leads to the exhilaration zone?

I have an idea or two for myself! I think I'll come post a pic at the end of the day documenting day #2 of breaking through!

What have you done lately to push your comfort levels? What would you want to do but are being held back by your comfort zone? Go on ahead and can't doubt the power of confession!


  1. Just swam 750 meters in the pool to prepare for my triathalon- it's not much but I never thought I could do it!

  2. good job, sarah! i've been thinking about you today, there was this one day in april a cpl of years ago where we went to the beach and all of a sudden you just full on ran into the ocean- the ice cold ocean. i wanna be like you and get in even when it's not ice cold!

  3. you are amazing. 4 kids at sea world {by yourself??}
    i ventured out to chick fil a today.....only because my mom was visiting {ususally strictly a drive thru person}
    and I spent half the time in the bathroom!! {tomi pooped her pants in the play place, hugh had to take a very LONG poop and the boy bathroom was full so he needed a female presence in the lady's, changed mae's diaper....}
    the whole experience sent messages of "not doing this again" {back to the drive thru},

    sometimes i try to be brave and get outside my comfort zone with these 3 little ones and a pregnant belly....but sometimes i get slammed in the face! ouch.

    you inspire me to try and do more and roll with the punches. love you gay!!

    1. Becca! Not a chance I did sea world alone. There's a big ole line bw uncomfortable and MISERABLE. No desire to be miserable!
      You're doing good and are being brave. And you're right- sometimes it totally comes back to bite us. And then we learn our limits and wait til were ready to try again! You're doing amazing w everything u have on your plate. Your kids are so lucky to have you! xox

  4. I tried zumba today!! it's not much, but I was way out of my comfort zone because I had no idea what I was doing and looked life an idiot, but it was fun!

    1. Good for you! I kinda did that last week and know exactly how you were feeling…and looking! Haha! But at least we're trying right?!!

  5. Uncomfortable to me would have just been letting my kids sit there.


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