Friday, August 10, 2012

{In which I solve the mystery of chasing the fountain of youth}

Isn't it funny to look back and think that people were actually looking for....the fountain of youth?!! Really?!! I mean, even a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow seems more legit than a fountain of youth. Do tell...what were they thinking the fountain of youth to look like? Old Faithful, perhaps?

And remind me....what exactly did they think the fountain of youth would do? Do you get thrown back into your teenage years?

Yea that can't be it....ain't no way in h e double hockey sticks most of us our willing to relive those teenage years! Did it just clear your wrinkles? Tack on an extra 20 years of healthy living?

I'm just curious. Because with the passing of time and the extinction of the myth, I must say....the whole thing sounds ridiculous. And fruitless. And a waste of good, precious, healthy, YOUNG time...the very thing they were chasing.

If I'm gonna spend my time chasing something, it's gone be worthwhile, YEA BABY! Which is why I've been following this one trail the last little long while. I declared it worthy and valuable and I've been on it's hind legs ready to POUNCE!

Wanna hear something crazy? Did you know.... that I've been looking to YOU for my answers?

Now before you get all nervous and start checking your back pockets and looking under your bed for your most prized possession, I have one more thing to add.


I know, just like that, right!!! Just gave up what I've been going after all these years. I've always been kinda vocal about one of my weaknesses...I'm not afraid to quit!

I wish I could tell you when the chase began. When I set off on that mindless journey. When I looked at all of you... to try to figure out how I should...define me. When I determined I would find....normal.  Can you believe that? I've been creeping on ya trying to steal your normalcy. Like trying to steal the neighbor's Wi-Fi or something!

I've had many a battles in my little mind that go something like this:
I don't know what I should do. What would a normal mom do? I don't know what I should buy. What would a normal person buy? How often do normal couples have sex? How often do normal moms make dinner? How often do normal moms ditch their kids to go out of town? 

Haha....are you dizzy yet?!! 

Well, I'm not anymore.  Because I quit, remember?!

I don't know why I so vigorously sought this guideline of normalacy. What was I afraid of? What did I think normalacy would behold? Who was I doing it for? For me? For Yosh? Did I think it would richen my life like gold? Or elongate it like the fountain of youth?

Who knows, but it's all false. Fake as a three dollar bill baby! Ain't no happiness in chasing someone else's normal.

So today, I want you to join with me in a bit of an anthem, if you will. Ya'll if Jay-Z can have an anthem, so can I!!!!

And mine goes a little bit like this....

I am not normal.

I wasn't meant to be, I don't want to be.

I want to be something much greater,

I want to be ME. 

Now if only we could get a good beat to that...we'd have an anthem!

I know it's not polite to talk about the dead or for the dead, but I'm breaking rules {not normal means you don't even have to follow rules, holla!}. Es posible that those chasing the fountain of youth or the pot of gold or that one idiot chasing normalcy {just kidding just kidding!} it possible they/ME were chasing....happiness? Acceptance?

Well let me shed a small fragment of light on that subject:

Loving YOU and accepting who YOU are...there, my friends, is happiness.

And those are the words- along with my self-made anthem- that I'm gonna be focusing on this weekend!

Love you all and am excited to be sharing my journey with you!

xoxo gizay!

dressing up like triplets at 32 years that normal?? apparently it's MY normal. haha!


  1. I seriously didn't know chasing the fountain of youth was a real thing. Love this realization you had. There is no normal, just normal to you

  2. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes... "Be yourself, everyone else is taken". Love this new anthem Gay & I'm so proud of your new found confidence! You are inspiring to women everywhere. We all need this reminder! xo

  3. If I had known that realizing you weren't normal was going to be an epiphany I would have told you a long time ago! (I mean, come on, it's pretty obvi!) Love you Gizay. You are knocking it out of the park!

    1. And you could have charged me $75. Next time maybe you'll be quicker on the draw! Haha!


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