Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Everyday I'm Shufflin}

Isn't it crazy how, say even...heavy metal....doesn't block you from feeling the heat of glaring eyes?!! I always have to laugh when I feel the laser beam jumping right through my car and nailing me. This is a reoccurring theme in a parking lot. As if it is my job to hurry my buns up because a hurried soul turned on their blinker and decided to wait for my parking spot. I refuse to be intimidated by the fact that they didn't take into consideration that I still had to load up my kids, my bags, my stroller- which was really no secret as I was pushing/holding all those things when they slammed on their brakes, threw their car into reverse, and committed to this spot as the one and only. What they didn't know was that in addition to loading up my car, I also have the frivolous habit of checking my phone for texts once I get into the car. I afford myself that extra 20 second luxury. Not really willing to apologize for that. Not at all saying that I try to take my time, just saying that your rush isn't exactly my problem. I don't make my rush your problem when I'm looking for a space- I either decide to wait or find another space.

But don't you worry, the tables turn and I find myself getting all...observant? perhaps is the word...when I'm the driver and we have pedestrians utilizing the cross walk. I'd be lying if I didn't think a very deliberate gait was in line. I see peeps lolly gagging and I'm feeling like they need to put some pep in their little-relaxed-step. Get moving, ya'll.

Now this little unwritten expectation of how one is to cross the street can put me in a bit of a pickle. {I'm no stranger to being in a pickle.} I mean, I live in a walking town....and so do my kids. Funny how that works out, that we- the kids and I- always end up in the same place. So when we're out roaming the streets, we have the tendency to struggle in the "deliberate" department. I try to instill rules like 'no eating ice cream while we cross the street', 'no stopping and looking at the ground when we're crossing the street', 'no being kids while we're crossing the street'. But we're not perfect. I can't always live by my own rules. And unfortunately, we're never fast. Or overly "deliberate" in our crossing.
But....I may have just found a solution that satisfies all parties.

The other day, we were crossing the street- doing a diagonal cross no less- and we were moving at a snails pace. I was aware of the glare- the laser beam- coming from the waiting cars, hitting me right at the shoulder, daring me to not pep things up. Now we all know there is no pepping things up when we're talking about a 1 and 3 year old. But do not fret, that does not mean there is no answer.

All of a sudden, instinct kicked in. My mind remembered this tactic that I often use when running stairs (totally made me look a fool in this here scenario) and running hills, one that tricks your body into thinking it's going faster than it is. And before I could stop the confusion, the non-sense... there I was...swinging my arms like a mad woman. Like a sprinter.

All this upper body swinging was going on...while continuing at my snail's pace; while easily keeping up with my 1 and 3 year old. I have to believe that looks can be deceiving.
And correct me if you think I could be wrong, but I really think this hurried look gave those drivers a real sense of satisfaction. Because as drivers, all we really want is effort.

Please, feel free to implement this little move into your own walk if you find yourself in the same predicament. The only catch with this tactic is you have to be prepared.... to look like a bit of an idiot.

Little side note: Yesterday I made my way to the gym for the first time in way too long. I did a 30 minute boxing class...and was about to die. Not a pretty sight. I think it took me an equal 30 minutes to walk the 5 blocks home. Kid you not, I was feeling lucky yesterday to have the babies as pace setters. I didn't even have it in me to do the fake speed crosswalk deal. Anyway, you know I've written about being a beginner worker-outer and how hard it is to be at square one.  If you've been struggling to get going in the exercise department and are feeling a bit frustrated, will you do me a favor? Will you send me an e-mail with your own little story? I'd love to hear what's going on. And I think I may just have a little idea..... Email me at agirlnamedgay@gmail.com


  1. I am really enjoying your blog and I am glad I found you. I think I found it through Bonnie's blog? Your kids are adorable. Have a great week!

  2. Can I comment instead of email? I've been in a vicious cycle of starting from square one nearly every week. I go for one 3 mile run (and it's miserable!) but I recommit to starting up a regular routine and suddenly another week has passed before I get my booty back out there. Hoping that a new family routine will do the trick, but I'd love some input!

    1. serious. and whose idea was it to sign up for the manhattan beach 10k? who said we needed to make this a tradition? ....sucka!!!

  3. Bahaha! I so am doing this the next time I cross the street. I have a one year old too and I KNOW there's no rushing baby steps.

    I'm glad I found your blog!
    (Or was sent here by Bonnie, either way)

  4. New follower via Bonnie. I'm so excited, you are so fun and interesting!

  5. girls, glad you found your way over! it's where the party don't stop! haha, i wish! but for real glad you stopped in at the bloggy!

  6. sad how fast we're losing this little girl


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