Monday, July 23, 2012

{ZONE 4- whatever that means}

Can I get a round of applause?

Wait, what? You want to know what I did and see if it's really deserving? Oh but it is.....


Ya'll I have been struggling this summer to find a good workout routine. And when I'm not consistently getting in "ZONE 4" exercise- like where your heart is really pumping and considering jumping right out of your chest which exhilarates every other little part of your body because they're flattered that they were invited to the best party EVER and that excitement keeps on through most of the day-...when I don't get in some zone 4's...well I'm a party pooper. And everything is a chore. My kids probably think living with me is a chore. Living with myself is a chore. Yosh probably thinks living with me is.....nevermind nevermind. Let's just say that Yosh was literally BEGGING me to go running Saturday morning. And I refused. But the no work out slump makes it so that LIFE a chore.

Had to change that not-working routine around so I made it the gym today. Where I made a few observations:

1) I felt like an asthmatic hitting the treadmill....with no inhaler.  No, really, I'm fine....I just CAN"T, at all. 

2) When it comes to running, it hurts just as much, if not MORE, to go to a slower pace when coming off of a much-faster-than-normal pace. No wonder the criminals always fall down to the ground after a mad sprint. The slowing down- not the SPRINT- is straight PAINFUL. See what happens when you try to run away??? That's what you get.

3) I think I'm finally starting to get a germ awareness itch. I've never been anything close to a geraphobic. Which can be a little bit shameful when really NOTHING grosses you out in the germ department. My kid just ate food off the ground? Immune system of steel. You need to pee in that gas station bathroom that hasn't been washed in 4 months? Get 'er done. But today... I saw someone go into the one communal bathroom...and it gave me the nasty shakes. Who would ever wanna pee in there? Or even worse...(remember this incident?)

4) Put lotion on right before hitting the gym. I'll tell you what, my legs were all types of sweaty, but kinda this SEXY sweaty with an ah-mazing scent- thank you Victorias Secret. Does lotion make you sweat more? It must. And sweat makes you feel like you're working out HARD...even when you're just a pathetic out of shape wanna be. But...WHO're sweating like the real deal! smell heavenly!

5) 2 kids?? 2 kids, are you kidding me? I can take care of  2 kids ALL DAY LONG! (granted I was thinking this while they were in the gym day care) Relativity is a trip. Don't worry, I'm not saying all you mamas out there with 2 kids have it easy. I was just feeling the same way you do when you only have to tote 1 around... relativity makes all the difference, huh?!! And those with only 1 kid....well I'm's just always going to seem hard! Until you add another child to the mix and'll be nippin at the bud for those 1 kid moments!
After the gym, we hit up Cafe Vida for brunch...just like the good ole days. My favorite morning routine: have myself a small breakfast- yogurt or something, get kids ready for day and off to designated places, get in a hard sweaty work out, and finish it off with scrumptious food. I'M BACK IN THE GAME, YA'LL! 1 day under my belt. Well, and I really only committed to 1 day so that's a 100%!

And I'll have you know I just answered the door bell to brand new laptob!!! Did you know I thought they were called labtops til I was 23? A little embarrassing the scenario that killed my innocence. And did you also know this is the FIRST laptop I've ever owned?!! Its about dang time, huh?!!

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  1. I just got back on the wagon a few days ago too. I was sore after 3 ten-minute miles. Square one is a tough place to be but hopefully not for long! As soon as school starts I'll meet you at Vida for that brunch! Bring your labtop!


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