Friday, July 20, 2012

You know something's funny....

when you wake up still laughing about it in the morning.

You guys, last night was a gorgeous summer night in SoCal. And fyi, these summer nights are very hit and miss. I might even venture out and call them a rarity in my neck of the woods, living just a mile and a half from the beach where the coastal breeze and cool temperatures pretty much dominate in climate control.

But not last night. The air maintained a good percentage of its degrees when the sun set. The air alone became the perfect backdrop for delicious food, friends, and celebration of the pending birth of a baby boy.  I mean come on, it was moon lit, floating candles in Mason jars lit, fire pit lit....AWESOME! It couldn't have been a more perfect scenario.

I'd been anticipating this baby shower for a while, basically since I fell in love with Annie. I know, I know...married people aren't supposed to fall in love. But sometimes it happens. Especially when you're a desperate soul such as myself. So I was elated to meet Annie and have the chemistry explode. The friendship chemistry, ya'll. And then to soon after find out she was expecting her first baby...

Obvi I was gonna be throwing the baby shower.

So for the first time....maybe EVER....I thought about the details more than three days ahead of time and had the luxury of making purchases where there was actually time to ship them. I was armed with a bag of BLUE-only M&M's, ador-able vintage straws, floating candles, puffer balls or whatever the heck they're called, a s'mores buffet and a thought out spread of food. I seriously just kept waiting for Martha Stewart or whoever her one-upper is to walk through the doors and congratulate me.

ali, i had to look up one of your chalkboards to get some ideas...muchas gracias!

something about a fire that just beckons you to stay....til midnight!

just eat to your sweet tooth's content
Why the lack of pictures you ask?
Oh probably because of the one SMALL, TINY detail I did forget about...
It's kinda hard to enjoy the scene and bee-bop around taking pictures when...
your guest of honor has yet to show up.
And most likely the only reason the guest of honor wouldn't have shown up is because...
she didn't know about it.

NOTE TO SELF: Next time INVITE the person the shower is for.....OOOOOPPS!

My luck often times has a way of working itself out and thank goodness, last night wasn't the stopping point for my roll. We got a hold of Annie and she wasn't out of town or out with other friends {which would of made me really jealous....hello.....SPECIAL CHEMISTRY!} and she was able to scoot her pregnant booty right on over to her own party.

Phew....that was a close one.

And in celebratory mode that things worked out, we kept the party going til midnight. Summertime in the PPC, baby!

In conclusion...My 101 for how to throw a baby shower: invite the person it's for. Everything else is just small details that will work themselves out.


  1. Shut up! That is awesome. It's going to take a while to live this one down. Too funny!

    1. Yea funny might be one way to describe it! Thank goodness Annie is such a good sport. Are you really not gonna comment on my handwriting though? Better yet will you show it to Kirt and see if I get a nod of approval or a recognition of improvement or something!!!

  2. Such a funny scenario that I am SOO happy I didn't miss! LOVED everything Gay.. So grateful for you :) XO

    1. Shoot we're gonna be laughing about this for years to come! Such a fun night! And you handled it with such class! Just love ya!


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