Thursday, July 19, 2012


Enlightenment comes in all different forms. This morning as I was laying in bed, going through my morning  routine of facebook (boring), google reader (fave), gmail (never anything new), hotmail (at least I get to feel busy deleting all the trash mail), I realized that I felt somewhat nauseous. For a second, I almost thought I might be sick. Now last night before I went to bed, I was pumping myself for getting up early. As my little Iphone said "Is this your final answer?" after I'd changed the alarm for the millionth time, I took the plunge and  pushed "DONE." I was going for 6:00. Because I had BIG morning plans. I was gonna get up, sneak downstairs, pour myself a small cup of Diet Coke and squeeze a little slice of lime in there, and then.....turn on the morning news.

Those were my big morning plans. That routine always sounds so SEXY to me. Problem is....what do I do after I turn on the news? I'm not going to just sit there. And I don't have lunches to make today while I watch the news. But...I still love the idea.

And these plans did their job and propelled me out of bed at 6 am. But feeling nauseous was never part of the plan. And I lay there, completely baffled, tracking steps, wondering why...HOW???...I could be feeling this way. 

And THAT is when...the enlightenment struck.

I made myself a fabulous...FABULOUS...chocolate cake (great recipe!) for my birthday.


I've been pounding this chocolate cake like an 18-year-old boy for two days straight.

Hmmmm. Correction, correction. Not true.

Like a spoiled kitty cat that needs the exact same meal three times a day.  I pull out a bowl that lives right above the cake. I slice off a dainty portion, walk over and grab my spoon on the way to getting the milk. I go ahead and pour the milk right on top of that cake and just indulge. There's something about the milk that offsets the richness of the cake never really get that "this-is-too-rich-i'm-gonna-die-if-i-take-one-more-bite" feeling. Therefore, I find myself every few hours coming back for just a little bit more. For better or worse...
truth be told this is the back side of a mostly eaten cake. it looked much prettier and PROFESSIONAL on day 1.
Just take my word for it...PROFESSIONAL!

how this cake was meant to be enjoyed...resting in a bowl of milk
kid you not, i think i've eaten all but four pieces of the whole

the look of "I should have a lot more shame, but what can i say...I'm eating chocolate cake at 8 am."
Yes, the enlightenment STRUCK that it was time to give up the chocolate cake. And I was committed. 

I went downstairs to get on with my big sexy get up early, drink a diet Coke and watch the news plan. But it all of a sudden didn't have the same appeal as it did last night. 

So I went on ahead and sliced myself another dainty piece of chocolate cake...


  1. this makes me think of Bill Cosby - "dad is great! gives us chocolate cake!"

  2. Shoot! When u said you were nauseous I was hoping you were pregnant!! I'll have to get this choco cake recipe from you!!

  3. Haha!! Oh I love this because it sounds like me :) And that cake looks amazing!!!


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