Monday, April 9, 2012

The Sun is Shining

Shoot. I blew it. Although I'm not really surprised.

So here's a tip: if you EVER want to feel like a good mom....just come read my blog around Holidays. Because I don't really do them right. And you'll always feel better about what you did.

I didn't do matchy outfits. I didn't dye eggs. I didn't make a traditional Easter dinner. I didn't spearhead an Easter Egg Hunt.

And deep down I really don't want to the kind of mom that flops on Holidays. Just like deep down, I don't want to be pounding a bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs solo. But you can't win em all. Actually, with the Holiday thing, it's not all that deep down at all that I don't want to be that kind of Mom- it's actually right under the skin. Like surfacing, ready to break through, so watch out. Except the new matchy outfit part. I did that before and I really hate spending all that money for an outfit that only gets worn once or twice and we usually don't even get a picture out of it. But all the other traditions...I want them. Traditions inspire giddiness in the kids that act as a nice bonding unit for families, you know.

But my children are not completely deprived. The Easter Bunny did make a quick appearance to drop a basket {with COVETED basketball jerseys....oh Porter has been begging for this jersey.} And friends invited us over for a ham and potatoes dinner and Easter Egg hunt. And we started the day off with a friend's baby blessing and waffle bar.

So it was a great Easter. I'm just hoping that next year I might pull it together and be the one who contributes to making it a great Easter instead of just mooching off the friendsies.

We've officially said good-bye to Spring Break. And it was a good one. I sure love a change of pace.

Now it's back to reality. A break makes reality refreshing. How does that always happen? Anyway, I kinda love my reality. Well, at least at times.

And by the way, I've figured something out. If you want to sass me, can you just pull a Deeter and say, "Mom, I no hear you," and stick your nose up in the air. I find it next to impossible to get offended at his version of flipping me off and sticking his fingers in his ears.

And lastly, there was an "incident" at the gym today. I go to a small gym. There are men and women bathrooms, each with a couple stalls. And then about 15 ft away there is one little community bathroom, simply with a toilet and a sink. Am I crazy to think it is all but polite to take your #2 business down to the bigger bathrooms, which is barely out of your way, but definitely out of the public's nostril range? As the whole area was fumigated by this man, I couldn't help but thinking, "The audacity..." But maybe I'm crazy.


  1. Gay, you're not alone ... We are dying eggs tonight (the day after Easter) because I dropped the ball on that one. And we were just lucky I had a ham in the freezer otherwise Easter dinner would have been a flop too.

  2. LOL! Glad I made it to gym before 9 am today...goodness, take that sht home!


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