Sunday, July 15, 2012

I don't see nothin wrong....

Oh Timmy.
I forgot how much I love you.

So I would have never really considered myself a concert person, but dare I admit I've really liked-- like REALLY liked-- the last ones I've been to? I think going to a concert should be an annual tradition. 

Last minute Yosh  and I found out about the concert.
Yosh mentioned it and said he couldn't resist the way my face lit up when he said the words.
I'll have to remember that's what moves my boy to action when I really want something.
And so fitting that mr mcgraw's last song was "Just to See you Smile."

We had standing tickets and let me tell you, it was a fun people watching night.
The crew is front of us had 15 or 16 year old boys, nervous as all get out with these pretty little girls. One boy literally couldn't stop sweating {bless his heart}. You could see his shy, nervous hands trying to get up the courage to make that first move and wrap his arm around his girl's waist. Adorable. 

And to the right of them....
we had moved past those awkward teenage years. This couple was probably about 20, 22. Something like that. The girl was talking to her boyfriend, and he was literally one hand up, just humping her leg, at least partially oblivious to the fact that she was trying to have real communication.
Sorry, sista, it doesn't get better with time- boys will be boys! 

My eyes were mostly attracted to this one family- the parents and kids and cousins.
I aspire to be that family. That's what my dreams are made of.
That we know how to hang out as a family and LIKE to hang out as a family.
Gotta get working on that today so that my dreams can come true in the future.


jessica blue, for some reason this concert made me think of you. and this pic is just for you!

And in true form as the young, spry kids that we are....
we called it a night before 10 pm and left it to the real party animals to hang out with Kenny Chesney.

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  1. Precious! I do recall some jam sessions with our boy Tim back in the day ;) Love the pic! Your tush is looking great!


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