Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday Greetings

So I must admit I'm a bit SHOCKED that as I sit here to post, I haven't already been greeted by a SURPRISE post written by the Yosh of 32 reasons why I'm the most awesome person ever. He probably was just having trouble narrowing it down to 32..... I'll give him a pass on this one.

Today's going to be a great day- I was up super late making sure of this. Let me tell you, at 32, fabulous birthday's don't just happen. If you want it to be good, you gotta make it good.

So thank you thank you thank you for your participation in the give back. I loved reading your questions and look forward to answering them, starting today.

Here is a question from a very serious and ambitious reader:
yosh July 14, 2012 9:17 AM
Commented, followed and shared on facebook, I would love to use this to get your birthday present.
As for a question, what are your expectations for BYU football this season?

I have very VERY high expectations for BYU football this season. In fact, it's THE season I've been dreaming about. A culminating season if you will. This is a definite climax season.

It marks the season that all three boys are old enough to accompany you to your ball games. Just as you've always dreamed. Walking into LaVell Edwards stadium, a line of little ducks in tow, all there to cheer on the Cougars- win or lose.

And as an added and somewhat unexpected bonus, it is also the season that Kaia still flies for free and can slide right in on the airplane and be pawned off to family during the games.

So my expectations for this season? A lot of childless and husbandless weekends filled with long runs NOT at 6 am, a massage here or there, a pedicure without the guilt of paying a babysitter also, and hours of writing from a lounge chair on a beach on the laptop that I'm still praying you got me for my birthday {....tbd....}

Thanks for your submission, mr mcgain!

Now....onto the big announcement. The winner of the giveaway is:

CAMI!!!!! Love ya girl, enjoy!

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  1. I'm oh so happy I won!!! Seriously thank you thank you!! I had a dream I won and I was planning all the stuff I wanted with it and then I woke up to find out I won! Yes!!!!
    Love you friend, hope you had a wonderful birthday!


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