Thursday, July 5, 2012

{How to Guarantee Success}

I would be lying if I didn't say I fit into the category of one who is looking for the recipe of perfection. 
Sometimes I have days where I think I found it.
Yesterday was a perfect day.

5k run with Yosh
1k run with the whole fam
Brunch with family and friends
local parade
BBQ and swimming with friends

The pace was perfect: never rushed, but always something fun on deck. 
There was fun 4th of July paraphernalia: flag cakes, red white and blue hats, red white and blue food, special t-shirts, etc.
It was a day that definitely didn't fall into the realm of "just another day."

But this morning as I've been thinking about why it was so perfect, the above things that mentioned were simply accents. They weren't what created perfection.

The cornerstone to the success of the day was....relationships.

I hope I can remember this as I'm planning events and thinking of how to make it look perfect and be perfect. That all the pretties are great additions and parades and BBQ's and cakes enrich the experience are super conducive to a good, good time and great event....if I am at peace with the relationships I have with the guests.

I hope I can remember this for those times when a Holiday turns out a bit disappointing. That it had nothing to do with the lack of decorations and details and accents. But that there's an internal problem and I need to refocus on making sure I'm building a solid relationship with the people in my life- especially my husband and kids- so that special days have the potential for being perfect. 

But yesterday....


 really was perfect.


  1. Love 4th of July and everything that makes it special! The people definitely make the party, though. Is that why I never see you anymore? Because you need to "be at peace with your guests..." hahaha! ;)

  2. Perfect 4th indeed! Kaia girl is killing me in that skirt... honestly, too cute!


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