Monday, July 9, 2012

LACK of Hormones was all the Rage

So remember when I posted here about HORMONES?

And I was all "You better bet your bottom dollar I'm getting my IUD out at 8:30 am"....but not in those words?


I was all talk. Still have my IUD. Two days before I was supposed to go to the doctor, my friend was all, "Gay, you HAVE to go to my 'hormone doctor' before you take it out." Now this is the same doctor she told me I should go to 4 years ago when I was telling her about some of my issues.

So I decided to just GO. I cancelled my OB appt. Replaced it with this hormone doctor. She might officially be called a Wellness doctor. She asked me some questions, took lots of blood, and ran some tests.

One thing I learned about the Mirena. It has synthetic progesterone. This can cause our body to stop making progesterone on its own. Low progesterone can cause irritability, depression, and fatigue. So just a little FYI for all you Mirena-ers out there.

Anyway, I got my blood results back and.....all my hormones are really low. Most out of the "normal range" or on the very low end. Estrogen is close to non-existent in my body which means.....irritability, depression, and fatigue. My adrenal is very low also which's hard for my body to effectively deal with stress.

Is this sounding all too familiar?

Well, to me it is.
This is exactly what I've been whining about the last few months.

Just last week I started taking a cocktail of herbal remedies to try to get my body to start making hormones on it's own again. The doctor says by one month I'll see a change and by two months I should see a HUGE difference.

So....TBD ya know. I'm five days in and I can tell you it feels good to be pro-actively working towards change. More than that, I THINK I already feel a difference pee is a LOT more yellow. These vitamins best be working their magic on me.

Have you ever had your hormone levels tested? I must say I was a bit shocked by the results.


  1. I am SO GLAD you posted this!

    Seriously just yesterday I was telling my mom that I think I need to get my IUD out... because I've been feeling like a CRAZY person the last 6 months or so.... NOW, I think I'm going to go get my hormones tested! Thanks to you :) I've been feeling EVERYTHING you've written.... fatigue, irritability, emotional, etc. I've been high and low, up and down, which is not how I typically am... :-/

    So happy you are feeling better... even the idea of change can help so much. Eager to see what you're doing in a few months... and I'm eager to see how I fair on the results.


  2. I had mine removed a year after putting it in. I was crazy, out of control, and on the verge of driving off a cliff. Since getting off of the Mirena and all other forms of birth control, my emotions are alot more manageable. Good luck to you.

  3. I always feel down on any birth control. I get really bad headaches. My mom told me once that I was probably low in progesterone...she sent me some cream. I didn't trust her and never used it. Maybe I should have!!

  4. Jacy, you should consider it. I was hoping it was my IUD that was the cause just bc, more than anything, it would have been the easiest problem to remedy. But the truth of it is I knew I felt like that before I had the IUD in. You'll have to let me know what you find out!
    When I talked to the doctor about taking out my IUD, she said I should keep it in if I didn't want anymore kids! And...I don't want any more kids, not taking that chance! But the blood test was done with the IUD so it takes all of that into account.
    Heather, you should use the cream! My one friend who told me about the doctor, she uses a cream as one of the remedies. Just try it!

  5. I've had my hormones checked a handful of times since I was in high school and the results came back.... fine! UGH! How could this be?!? I've always wanted to blame my personality on hormones - I guess it's just who I am. Kinda sucks when that realization sets in. haha. I guess I need to work on being better. After this baby though I am going to hit up an endo. Pregnancy can do strange things to a body, right? Let's hope I've got some major hormone imbalances this time around - that will explain a lot! ;) love u gaybeeeee!

  6. Makes me want to get my hormones checked just to see...

  7. try an old-school copper iud. My doctor warned me that she had seen too many patients being effected by the hormones in the minerva. periods are awful, but short other than that I like the copper. had it maybe 6-7 years now.

  8. I think you've convinced us all to get our hormone levels tested. Anything to blame my craziness on

  9. I have never even thought to do this. I really need to go have this done. Keep me updated on how taking your vitamins is helping/ making a difference. I am very interested to know!

  10. I'm with Laura, I'd love to blame my craziness on something sort of out of my control. I have the no-hormone IUD though. Do you know if our hormones just drop in production anyway sometimes? I can't blame mirena or any other hormone birth control. It's sounding more and more like it's just me!

    1. I think they definitely do. One reason I really wanted to go get mine tested is I knew I had had similar bouts even before the Mirena and was ready to attack the real problem instead of always just doing temporary fixes. Ironically, my progesterone level which should have been low, was one of the more normal levels. And let's be honest, there's no solution to getting rid of ALL the crazy. Otherwise, we wouldn't be girls!


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