Tuesday, July 3, 2012

While the Mama's away, the boy will play...with his you-know-what

As if we didn't have enough going against us as mothers.

Do we really need to add irreversible distraction to the list of medical conditions as well?

I mean, I simply was going outside to get Deeter's flip flops so the babies and I could make our way to the park- a valiant act in and of itself. I was on track, on track, going, walking to the flip flops, bent down, on track, on track, when all of a sudden... I feel the sun beating on my back with such a nice warmth. Like "Am I at the beach or in my backyard?" warmth. That summer warmth that just beckons you to bask a little longer. And I'll tell you what, with an invitation like that, how can one resist?

Do tell because I failed miserably at putting up any kind of a fight.

My resistance was non-existent. What started out as a bend-down-to-get-flip-flops move, quickly turned into a bend-down-and-help-yourself-to-the-ground move. And there I was, completely sprawled out on nothing but a patch of grass in my tank top and running shorts turned booty shorts {to gain optimal tanning lines for an unoptimal wardrobe choice, of course.}

I laid there in all my glory, with the sun enveloping me. The babies trickled out and got busy riding cars and throwing toys and doing just whatever it is that babies do to entertain themselves. I was starting to drift, finding myself in that in between state of consciousness that is only achieved while laying out and falling asleep in class.

Every now and then Deeter would request a, "Mama, watch this." And now while I can't confirm that I actually watched anything he did, every request was met with a very strong and supportive, "GOOD JOB." Because any sign of weakness would surely have required me to actually watch, distracting me from my day-dreaming, disturbing my peace and calm.

There was a brief moment 10 minutes into my laying out session, when I thought, "You know, a pool would sure be nice right about now." I was getting hot. But the truth of the situation warded off any more of that silly wishing....if we were actually at a pool, not a chance I would be basking in the sun. Not a chance.

You guys, I think this might be my new little slice of heaven. And to think I discovered it by going to pick up a pair of abstractly flung flip flops...

On a side note, we're in the thick of potty-training, which at our house means underwear for 2 hours about every other day....much room for improvement. But I think we could have got started on this process much sooner had I told Deeter that potty-training included free-range to his tinker.... Deeeeeeeetz, get your hands off of that thing.


  1. we have not even started potty training and i CAN NOT keep brians hands off it. even lil j when he gets his diaper changed does his best to get a quick grab in.
    seriously. boys.... :)

  2. seriously. Krewz used to be a belly sleeper, until he realized he could no longer gain easy access to his thang. Find him every night down to his pull-up, hand just resting. And oh potty training, have fun, thats about how ours went too! still poops in his pants every now and then but always reassures me with a "don't worry mom, I dumped the poo in my underwear down the toilet." Thank you, Krewz. Now how long ago did this happen, and those remnants stuck to the underwear....? Gross.


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