Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Knits and Neons}

that's what the babies are rollin' in these days.
probably cuz their mamacita is a bit in love
with the knits and neons...
and the chunky legs...
and the awesome curls...
and the longing look...
 {both shoes: Nordstrom Rack. Deetz outfit: GAP. Kaia's outfit: Old Navy}

And while my outfit is neither knit nor neon...

it was only 40 bucks.

{Nordstrom Rack: pants $24. shirt $15}

And that- my what I'm talkin about!

What are some of your current favorites? Do share!


  1. i LOVE her shoes!! so cute! gash - if i ever get a little girl... we are in trouble :)

  2. you are all looking good and stylish! now i all!

  3. SO CUTE!! Loving the kids outfits and seriously I want that shirt .... like really, really want it! LOVE!!

  4. My favorite is you...because from what i hear you are the best and most loyal friend a girl could have. Thanks for sending her our way.

  5. ooo love your outfit...and i have a pair of those shorts for Mason and they are my FAV!!! I need to go back and buy ten more...i love them!

  6. Oh my gosh your babies are soooo cute!! You are adorable as well. I'm excited to find your site!

    1. Bubbles I think I know where you came from! Thanks for stopping in! And thanks for the sweet compliments- for that alone I hope you keep coming around! Haha jut kidding just kidding!

  7. Found a shirt yesterday but couldn't decide on a color...until I remembered this post and I picked the brightest one I could find.

    1. That's what I like to hear. Bright colors do something good for te soul. It's a proven fact


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