Friday, May 25, 2012


One of my college professors would use some form of the word juxtapose incessantly. Such and such creates a juxtaposition. This situation juxtaposed that one perfectly. Juxtaposition. Juxtapose. Juxtaposition. Juxtapose....

You get the point.

That it was annoying. And really turned me off from the word. Maybe because I thought..that he thought...that it made him sound smart. Or maybe because I didn't really know what it meant. Who knows.

But as I sit down to write this post, that is the word blinking on a neon sign: Juxtaposition. {the instance of placing together, especially for comparison and contrast} Two situations placed side by side that create exact opposites.

And my experiences in the last 7 days have been exactly that.

And it was very fitting that the second situation was the positive one. The healing one. The affirmation that good exists. That happiness isn't a mirage. It was the boost to carry on and be strong and BUILD something BEAUTIFUL.

Look how Miss Chelsi J just exudes happiness.
Without saying a word. 

A stark contrast to the beginning of my week.

Ya'll it was beautiful! Not just the wedding. The feeling. The commitment. The happiness. The truth. The beginning. The excitement. The love. 

The resolve to be that couple.
You guys it exists!

Don't ever stop believing: it exists. I promise.


  1. I got in the car after the wedding, and looked over at Derek and said, "you know, it wouldn't have mattered what the setting was, how beautiful all the tables were, etc. just seeing Chels beaming with pure joy was amazing." I kept staring at her, big smiles, big dimples, being kissed by andrew. Really, it's sappy, but I was LOVING every minute of it. They, for sure, are THAT couple!

  2. I looooooooooove this! THANK YOU GAY! THANK YOU!

  3. I can't even explain logically how I found your blog. Let's just say a lot of reading and clicking and reading and then click...and it was your blog. And I'm like, "Phew! I like her. She's honest and normal and hasn't shown me one single DIY project using a dead bird to make the most lovely centerpiece for my dinner party".

    Thank you. For your honesty. I like.

    1. and thank you for your humor- you got me doing a literal lol and that's what I like. no, you will never see a dead bird DIY project here! So glad you found me, hope you keep stopping in!

  4. That word is gay. Can i say that? lol No really, I don't like it either. And I won't stop believing, I know it exists too.

    1. scabs "can i say that?" you have to say's the only reason my nickname is funny!


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