Monday, April 23, 2012

Ragnar SoCal: Get out your boom box

I think I might be desperate.

In a van with the same 6 people for 36 hours? No real sleep? No showers? 16 miles of running?

You had me at NO KIDS.

36 straight hours together teaches you a thing or two about each other.

It's definitively confirmed that Kady is the most organized person in the world.

Tony must of got his Eagle Scout when he was like 8 years old and is holding on strong to "always be prepared." His back pack held every necessary item he could've never known we would need.

It took a good 24 hours, but Kirt does know how to bob to some Snoop Dogg. It's on film.

DeNy knows every word to every rap song between 1990 and 2012.

My vocab skillies severely drop after 9 pm.

Libby DOES know how to camp. In a sleeping bag. On the ground. Real deal.

When Kady gets tired, she gets snippy and cusses and speaks Spanish. I love it.

If Kirt ever jumps in the car, and peels out, it's only bc he needs to go to the bathroom. Not that we would know. No really, that didn't happen. But it's gonna be real funny when it does.

Libby gets chatty when she's tired.

DeNy and Tony don't get tired. Or stop smiling.

We all have a love for the megaphone. And the Ipod shuffle. 2 must-haves for Ragnar. Budget accordingly.

Raise your hand if your fastest run wasn't in the middle of the night. If you raised your hand, you're an anomaly.

The real thing I learned: the only non-fun part of Ragnar is..... 
the running part. 

Ragnizzle Fo Shizzle will be taking open tryouts for van 2 for next year. prepared to get cut. We're all kinda committed to each other....
for life.


  1. Who is the hero now? This is AWESOME! You totally rock! Sorry we missed you in SoCal! I will plan ahead next time to meet your adorable family! Have a great Monday! ~Laura

  2. No showers? I'm confused. It's the most I've ever showered. You beat us all getting your ragnar post up. Good job. I've pretty much decided I'll only be in van 1 so I guess it's ok if I get cut

  3. I think Laura and I will severely debate you on who had the best van. We had a rocking good time. The only bummer was that van 1 and van 2 were like two different teams, but oh well. Until next year.

  4. Maybe next year we'll rent a motorhome and put us all in the same ride bc that was van 1's complaint as well. Imagine all out fun combined…that would be epic!
    And no comment on the showering, Laura! Haha!

  5. LOVED this!! and ya this made me really sad that I was not in van 2 to see all of your shenanigans! kady swearing!? i almost dont believe it. I wish we could combine into one big van, it would make the partying even better. but ya van 1 was pretty awesome...

  6. Hahaaaa I loved this post! I'm so freakin jealous of all the fun you guys had!! Can I sign up for next year?? I'm glad you got to see the gangsta side of my hubby because, well, that's why I married him!!

  7. Leigh if you've never heard Kady swear you must not really know her :)

  8. and btw gay, i cant read any of your captions on the pics

  9. you kick butt!! i love dirty, sweaty, stinky adventures!

  10. Leigh, don't believe a word they say! It's all a bunch of $#!t! (Well, at least the organization part.) Gizay brought the house down with the beats, the megaphone and the enthusiasm. Even though I always swear these stupid races off forever, I'd run another one of these with you any day!

  11. Love this! I'm already missing the loud radio, the constant laughter and the smiles. "say Chilis." My apologies for the sleepy chit chat, you just have such good advice! :)
    Ps, Kady, Mom asked if you really do swear when you get tired. BUSTED.

  12. Libby don't u even think about apologizing. Like I said, that Es just scratching the surface- were making up for lost years! Haha! And also did u not notice that I'm a chatty person myself, tired or not?!!

  13. Am I the only one who keeps re-reading this party people post? Do those sweat pants make me look 3 ft tall or is it just me? I'm down with the motorhome deal but we won't be stopping for showers, you miss out on serious party time when you stop to freshen up. :)


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