Thursday, April 19, 2012

From the Deep

Were you into writing poems in junior high and high school? "Love" poems?

This one comes deep from the red folder.

I'm hoping these words were inspired from the want to sound good- you know, sound like a poem- as much as being inspired by real feelings. Because MY GOSH I don't remember feeling that black!

There's something so nostalgic, romantic, and simple when thinking back to young love.
What reminds you of old school love? What does old school love feel like to you?!!


  1. Old school love gives me anxiety.... lol... because none of the boys I liked ever liked me back! They always dated my beautiful, glowing friends... so like this, my journal is filled with sad entires about silly old boys... When I stumbled across my diary last month, I cried as I flipped through the pages... and I laughed out loud too! To think I felt so much love for someone at such a young age... that my heart was held so captive... by a different boy every week :) Sheesh!


    1. oh jacy, i'm right there with you- i dreamed about love and watched the girls around me experience it! the only guys i ever went out with were far from high class- beggars can't be choosers! truth be told, that's always taken a toll on my self-confidence, never having real teenage boyfriends. until recently. i'm finally getting past all those rejected years!

      those years of pain all paid off- now, your gorgeous and wanted and love yourself!

  2. oh man! I have loads of shameful notebooks filled with this kind of teenage emotion! LOL! It was fun to read yours! I especially love your handwriting! Bring back some awesome memories.

  3. That is the funniest thing! Oh the angst of youth ... So full of drama. I forget how much older I am than you until i look at the date and realize I was graduated from college by then! Ha ha ha!


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