Monday, March 26, 2012

You get what you get.........

Right now, I'm in love with this little family. I don't always feel like that. I mean, I always love them but I go in and out of being in love with them. Eatin it up while it lasts, going on two weeks now. 

I was giving this little girl a bath, scrubbing behind those little ears, when I remembered...... Bath routine used to also include making sure her neck rolls were crumb free and no longer sheltering left-overs. I don't have to do that anymore. She's no longer my little baby who spits us all the time and has spare neck rolls. Ouch. I already miss that baby. 

 Love game day. You guys, I think I finally learned THE lesson I've been needing to learn: I almost let 9 minutes leave me disappointed with this race. I'm glad I realized before it was gone and passed that this race wasn't about my expected disappointed time, it was about these having a bonding day with these girls who I absolutely love. Favorite five minutes came at about 6:45 am. Wanna thank the neighborhood of Agoura for allowing beats to freakin blast at the crack of dawn, Rihanna for providing some "We Found Love", and Chels and Kady for dancing with me. My second favorite part of the day was Chels and I struggling to walk the quarter-ish mile back to the car. We looked like some crippled 80 year-olds, bless our hearts. Is 10 minutes to walk that far making good time?!!

{excuse the red eyes, not even Picassa would help me out. Our school auction gala, fun night.}
From sporty and sweaty in the morning to sexy and sophisticated at night...I love being a girl....don't you?!!! 


  1. Your outfit in that last pic is super cute and sexy!!! And your hair looks so sleek and classy. (you'd think I had a crush on you or something :)

  2. That picture of you with your kiddos is maybe the cutest thing ever! Love happy days/ weeks like that. They are much needed every now & again. And I am loving you all sexed up with your girlfriends! Hope you had a fun night & are feeling better.


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