Friday, March 23, 2012


Oh it is someone's lucky day today.................

It made this mama's day to stumble onto your adorable blog via Cami's blog...this would be a great win as I am starting to work myself back to feeling human again after having two babies back to back...I love my girls, but they did a number on their mom! :) Fingers crossed! josi

Miss thang, you go get your Lululemon on and show those babies what their mama's made of! Email me your info at

To all of you who didn't win, I do apologize. I for real think Lulu should take a look at this list of lovers and hook us all up. Don't lose hope. My first "piece" of Lululemon was given to me, by Lululemon themselves. I was running in the Manhattan Beach 10k. I was walking to the starting area in my green vinyl shorts and armpit-stained wife beater. My look must have cried "DESPERATE" because they flagged me down, extended the offer of a free pair of shorts, I accepted, their walking closet magically appeared, I changed right then and there, Yosh tucked my old vinyls in his pocket never to reappear again, and I was off to experience my first run in Lululemon shorts. Game changer. I ran my fastest 10k up to that point in time. And since then, I have discovered- among many other favorites- they have....padded sports bras. I no longer look like a 13 year-old boy when I exercise. Instead I look like a....13 year-old girl. Life changer.

So the only advice I can give is find some little race where Lulu is present, show up looking a bit on the ghetto side, and then just cross your fingers. And if that doesn't work, just keep it on your birthday and Christmas lists!

Thanks for all the love this week, hope you keep stopping in. And giving a shout out every now and then!

xoxo gay


  1. Haha u make me laugh! I love that they flagged u down, because they do not let people run races looking disheveled! I would have been tackled my gym attire is so bad! Note to Sam my birthday is coming up
    I'm so glad Josi won! She is the cutest and hilarious, you two would get along.

  2. aaaw man!!! i have yet to go to lululemon, but it's all i hear about these days so it must be good! you are adorable Gay! love that your so honest about your ghetto workout wear.

  3. cami, i don't think you've ever looked disheveled a day in your life! girls, you tell those husbands that the next holiday- easter?- you already know whats on your list.

  4. I am so excited...bye bye muffin top!! Thanks so much Gay..can't wait to keep up with you blog. Thanks to you to Cami for the highlight blog post about this fanTABulous blog and giveaway...

    ...Gay, you have probably saved me and many onlookers from a very scary sight of me running the neighborhood in what I am calling "workout clothes" (these days)!!

    Thanks again!!



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