Friday, October 28, 2011

In case you need a laugh....

......take your pick.

-I bent down to pick up Kaia's car seat, threw my arm under the bar, went to stand up........but somehow just got dropped. And went down. On my bum. And then kinda rolled back. All in slow motion. Oh why yes, thanks for asking.... of course I was in public.

-I took the kids for frozen yogurt. They yogurted and topped and we went to pay and I pulled my $20 $2 out of my pocket..........awkward.  I mean are they really going to throw away the yogurt that only we can consume? We had an uncomfortable 2 seconds of eye contact as we looked for the next step. {I don't know how that $3 hid itself in my stroller but thank you.}

-There's this crazy lady that walks around our town with a baby in a Bjorn, one in a stroller, and usually a couple more walking alongside. She gets quite a few "looks". Well, yesterday the smallest boy took off across the street at a semi-busy 4 way stop with no adult in tow. A policeman came out of the woodwork and swooped him up before a car could run him over.............. You already know where this is going. Imagine the death looks I was getting now that they thought the crazy lady couldn't even take care of all her dang kids. As if I wasn't already humiliated....

-Dallin came home from his friend's house telling me about a little tiff- how he got an interception, and how "Harrison was complaining like hell."  I had Dallin B on the phone with his dad in about 2.2.  "No no no, Dallin...verBAtim. You tell your Daddy VERBATIM how the story goes." {"Mom, Dad won't stop laughing...."}

And that's a wrap. Happy Friday!


  1. lol!!!!!! i love this hansen family. and btw I only have two kids and I get plenty of "looks"...

  2. Several of these incidents are exactly what the delete button is for! #4 happens to make me smile, so don't delete that one!

  3. gay im loving the frequency of your posts! reading them always makes me happy and i love your insight!

  4. hilarious. it seriously didn't click that the crazy lady was you until the last sentence. ha ha. i was like, who is this lady? and the dallin story perhaps takes the cake. i can just see yosh laughing hysterically.

  5. Oh Gay, I love you! Glad to know I'm not the only crazy one. :)

  6. and to think there were tidbits we didn't get too... even after the gym workout, vida, trick or treating or the s'mores. guess it is necessary to check your blog. good thing your blog is so good and no one can say it like you can! i love it!!


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