Monday, October 31, 2011

Challenge of the Day

Porter from a young age {ie: the first time he went trick-or-treating} exhibited this really interesting, way-too-mature-for-his-young-self characteristic.....he's a candy snob. We're talking walk up to the door, look around in the bowl, and would rather walk away empty-handed than with a handful of sub-par candy.  Now I'll have you know that for a child this is not a learned skill....either you got it or you don't. And Porter's still got it.

With this being said a new Halloween challenge has arisen...have your bowl be such that NO child walks away empty-handed.

No crap candy.......BRING ON THE GOODS!


  1. Love that kid!

  2. That is hilarious! Maybe the funniest thing ever.

    Happy Halloween!!

  3. Ha hA Ha!! You have to get the Halloween book by Jerry Seinfeld. It talks about being a candy snob. Just like the P-ster. But, you know what, he's right. Gotta get the goods or nothing at all.


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