Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Official

....or at least unofficially official.....I don't think we're dresser-uppers. I mean it's hard to know what to post first....the boys' disappointing costumes or our failed attempts. And which created which? {Please tell me I'm not the cause for spoiling this for the boys......}

So here they are...the rapper and Luke Skywalker. And sorry folks, but uninspired costumes = uninspired photos.  
(They both chose who they would be and what would comprise their costumes. Dallin's best friend showing up as a rapper revealed the inspiration for his choice.)
And photos of the Deets? One word......refused. Not pictures, costumes.

This year I was determined to get in the mode for being the cool parents that dressed up as we've never been the type. We planned on taking baby steps to be ready to go full-fledged in future years. PROBLEMO: Baby steps failed.

Yosh as the....I don't know.....hoosier? White-trash neighbor? In any case, his mustache wouldn't apply and we weren't about to hot glue it on as that seemed about our only remaining option {imagine a permanent Movember-stache. NASTY.} And with the wig alone, his baby girl was up in fits. Didn't want him to hold her, was crying with real tears and utterly scared. Done and done. Costume removed.

I was getting the house ready in the afternoon for a little meal pre-trick-or-treating and up until the minute people came over, I wasn't about to go anywhere near my own costume. Can you imagine someone pulling a 4-ft long black hair from their soup? And with that kind of length it's not like you can discreetly remove it and carry on as if nothing happened. Well, I was not about to put myself in that predicament of being the source of DISGUST. When the last platter was in place I was ready to costume-up. Black wig, huge black hat. Those said black hairs didn't end up in the soup but they did find their way to my mouth. I only had the stamina to battle them for 5 minutes before I couldn't handle it anymore. I yanked that wig off but still felt in costume with the huge hat. With the wig out of the way, I was now more aware of how completely disrupting the hat was. I could barely see, I was running into things with the big ole brim........point being, it wasn't working. See ya. Frisbeed the remaining "piece" to the couch where it hung out for the rest of the night.

I tried. We tried. And while I'm not permanently throwing in the towel, I am decidedly sticking to Oreos for cool points for the next while..... serenity now....


  1. We can start brainstorming costumes many months beforehand for ya! We'll figure something cool yet easy for you guys!


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