Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Pros and Cons...

...of having an alarm system.

The Pros: pretty obvious.
I feel safe in my home.
I'll be instantly alerted when a mad murderer/robber/rapist comes to get me.
I know when the kids open any doors and windows.

Now the cons. Last night provides the perfect example. I went to bed, absolutely exhausted like any other night. I had a racing mind last night, approximately 798 mph, so it took me awhile to turn it off finally find sleep. And when I did, it was well received. Until the distinguished noise sounds. That's right, the one notifying that an entrance has been breached. I am automatically jolted to a sitting position, eyes wide open, body turned to read the alert at the side of my bed. As happened in past times, I'm looking for the horrifying news that our front door has opened (don't worry, the one night we forgot to lock, we also didn't shut the door all the way and the wind blew it open) or that a window has been opened at 2 am (once again, wind. Once again, annoying.) This time as I read the alert, I am completely flabbergasted. "System trouble. Press 4 to view." I proceed with caution to see who is trying to surely do something like turn off our alarm so that THEN they can break in and murder/rob/rape me. But instead I read, "Phone trouble. Check dial tone." Really? You woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me our phone isn't working? Well guess what...I already knew that. And guess what else...had this been a real life emergency situation, all victims would have DIED! We turned our phone off a MONTH ago and you're now acting like it's an emergency. And I'll tell you what is possibly even the most annoying thing...the hour it takes to tell my racing heart to slow down, there is no emergency, I am in no danger and go back to sleep...PLEASE!


  1. Minus the alarm system I totally know how you feel. I hear the noise in the night, shoot up like a pop tart, only to find out it's something lame like the wind blowing the gate against the house which sounds remarkably similar to mad murder/rapist/robber breaking into the basement window. Once I realize the source of the sound I go back to bed, my heart still beating and it takes a good long while to fall back asleep. Somehow 5am is a safe time. Like the robbers are too tired by 5am and if they are going to break into your house they will do it before 5am. After that, you're good. Sleep well for an hour before the baby wakes up.

  2. I love reading your blog so much... you should be a writer.

  3. Oh I would die! Seriously, that would kill me at night! I LOVE your cruise pics!!!!!!! I miss you guys!!!

  4. So, I realize this is 2 years old, but our alarm just started doing this as well. Were you able to find out a workaround to the alarm system not having a dialtone? Ours seems to alert us every Monday night at 12:15am whether the system is armed or not! Exact same error message. Any help would be appreciated!!


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