Thursday, April 15, 2010

Like a Charm

I thought the day was off to a decent start. But before I knew it, mr deetz was a whiny mess (the story of his life these days) and Dallin B wasn't too far behind. Ok, and maybe I wasn't too far behind either, as long as we're being honest. I mean, really, were B and I really fighting over whether he was going to take a bath or shower? Yes, we were. And who won? I don't even know. Cuz he ended up asleep in his bed by his own free will by 10:30 and he hadn't bathed or showered by the time we left the house. That's right, red Popsicle residue streaming down his chest and last night's chocolate milk mustache still present. During his nap, I had decided to stop acting like a 4 yr old myself. When I went into his room to apologize, I found him asleep. But I still had the same resolve to be the bigger person- especially since I should be- once he woke up. When he woke up, we decided to all go to lunch. And I was going to let him pick where. Choices- we have lots of choices. Walking to the Village or Panda Express, going to Ruby's...but those would all be way too reasonable. He would like to drive 35ish minutes to Stonefire. And he let me know with a quivering chin, eyes welling up with tears and the plea, "But Mom, we haven't been there in forever." While this is true (as mentioned it's not next door) and their food is worthy of tears it's so good, I was still bugged. My resolve to be the good girl was slipping away. With all three kids loaded up and ready to go, we pulled out of the driveway. I was resigned to a sub-par day. And then I turned the radio on. What what? Are you serious? Sure enough Snoop Dogg is blaring through the speakers talking about sippin on gin and juice. "Lay back." Things were looking brighter already. All of a sudden, I'm subconsciously bobbin my head and can't help but sing along.
When we got to Stonefire, my patience had returned. The boys were angels. All 3 of them. To the point that- I kid you not- 8 people stopped to tell me what good-looking, well-behaved boys I had. And all I could do was smile and nod. Now I don't write this to say I'm an awesome mom or that I have three awesome boys. All I'm saying is that there is nothing a little Snoop Dogg can't fix.


  1. I love this. I just let my phone go to voicemail b/c I was so entranced by this story.


    Oh I wish we lived closer.

  3. that's awesome. i'm glad to know i'm not the only mom having petty arguments with my kids. i'll have to keep on the lookout for some good tunes to help me snap out of it.

  4. HA!!! I love true! Remember when you got pulled over in mom's "boat" because your music was too loud? I think it might have been snoop that time too:)


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