Sunday, January 31, 2010

There's nothing like a good vacation. The excitement and giddiness at the beginning of your trip just can't be bottled. I mean, we're excited about everything. "A five hour plane ride with three kids?!! Are you serious! Yes, I've been waiting MONTHS for this." Nothing is going to phase you. Tell us anything and we're going to be excited about it as long as it gets us on our vacation. And that is probably the only way to get us to go. I mean, really, we looked like a circus trekking through the airport with our team plus 10 carry ons. But we were all smiling and couldn't have been more ready for a week in the Caribbean.

And I'll tell you what, those brochures don't lie. The waters were absolutely crystal clear and beautiful. St. Thomas looked like an enchanting town set on a hill next to beautiful waters. And I hadn't even heard of Grand Turk until we were on the boat, but it too was amazingly beautiful. Glad we made the stop. Here are a few pics showcasing a fun-filled week...

I think that I only got one group shot, but this was the crew (minus the kids and Chelsi, who came to let us be childless EVERY night!) Fun people to travel with, I highly recommend it!
And a little insight to just how fun/funny they are....


  1. Looks so fun! We should plan a Hansen Crusie for next year!!!

  2. Yes, I'm jealous...why weren't we invited?! ;-)

  3. Today has been a rough day but seeing your post really made me smile and even got a good giggle out of me when I saw the funny face pics! Cant wait for the next one..mexico anyone!?

  4. Ha ha I love the collage....I'm not going to lie I really need to find a better funny face. I'm just not satisfied with mine.

    Miss you guys. I'm sending you a cd of pic's in the mail one of these days when I get my act together.


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