Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yeah! I didn't know I could upload pics to the lab top but apparently I can. So here are some randoms...

Here is the one picture I have to document our New Years Eve: the guys at Benihanas. Is it weird that they all wanted to sit by each other and not by their wives? I guess we've been depriving them of guy time. Laura I know you were holding your breath for this pic. Hope it lives up to your expectations!

Two cute boys. What will three look like?

For those who remember me when I only had one chin, I now have two. And we're only half way there. (And yes, I know that is a lot of smile and the braces don't help. Some of us just weren't born with the photogenic gene.) This was to document that I actually took my boys to the zoo. First time to the LA zoo. B wouldn't indulge me by being in the pic, but he too made his debut at the zoo.

A cold, January day. Ok half of that sentence is a lie. But not the half you would guess. It is a January day but a warm, 75 degree January day. As Laura said, we pay a pretty penny to enjoy this Southern California weather! Our mortgage dollars at work!! But seriously is this amazing or what. Not only warm enough to stay outside all day long, but to be outside in the water! Fun day, like skipping school when it's this warm in January!


  1. is it snowing in the restaurant? and let's be honest, us girls had more fun sitting together. glad to see some pics finally. and you can stop with all the 2 chin nonsense you skinny...something.

  2. Yea, the day you have 2 chins and weigh more than 50 pounds is the day I can afford a house!!! I was going to mention the laptop option but not all of them have the little slot (mine doesn't) so I held my tongue(or typing finger) Crap, I should've said something earlier, oh well!

  3. Oh my gosh Gay, your boys are SO stinking cute!!! Liv will marry one .... :) And yes I don't think I see a double chin .... at all! Oh you forget I have seen you pregnant and you never look it until you deliver!! So jealous of the warmth, enjoy it for us, we miss ya!

  4. Oh I am missing the boys! I hope you guys have fun in Hawaii~

  5. what double chin are you talking about!??! your crazy!! I miss the boys I love the bath tub pic. Have fun in Hawaii!!


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