Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pictures are out again, and let me promise you I have a couple of good ones! But the service is a bit sketchy over here is paradise, and that is ok b/c not much else is. We're over here in Hawaii and it has once again lived up to our every expectation. I guess our only solid expectation is sun. (I write this as I'm sitting inside for the first rain day!) I promised the boys two things before we came here. 1)They could wear shorts every single day (mostly geared towards Porter) and 2)they could go swimming every single day (more geared towards Dallin.) So far I've been able to make good on my promises. I guess we'll be jumping in the pool today regardless of weather cooperation just to keep good on my word.
The boys have had some funny moments here. The other day we were at the pool when a big cloud went in front of the sun. He turned to me all serious, "Mom, did someone just turn the lights off?" Ha ha! Makes sense in a three year olds mind.
Porter will often touch my tummy and say, "Mommy, do you have a baby in there?" Somewhat recently he has turned to other growing body parts- my boobs- and asked the same question. I tell him no and he might continue with dialogue or not. Well the other day he started down this same road with Yosh's grandma. First he touched her tummy and asked her if she had a baby in there. She obviously said no and then he continued on up touching her boobs asking if she had a baby in there. She gave a slightly embarrassed chuckle before answering no. Well Porter didn't skip a beat, "then are those your boobies?" He was just smiling by then and sensed that she was feeling something as well and said it again, "Are those your boobies?" (imagine a high voice inflex on the word boobies!) We got a good laugh out of that as we were not the only ones present for the entertainment and strangers also were within ear shot of this comical conversation!
Family vacation is good!!

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  1. Hi Gabe. I've been meaning to congratulate you guys on the upcoming #3. Boys are so fun!


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