Monday, February 2, 2009

So we still are yet to have the computer up and running so once again no pics. It's actually kind of funny why the internet isn't working. Yosh finally got around to calling our internet company on Saturday only to find out that from their side everything is running properly. As Yosh was checking the connection here, he saw that the phone jack is basically yanked out of place. And let me tell you how that has happened. We have come up with a really cruel punishment for our boys. We refer to it as "dark timeout." They hate it, therefore it really gets the job done! Even with Pistol, who is a hard one to discipline! What it is is our utility closet right by the kitchen. We store our extra dining room table chairs in there so it is perfect to sit them on their little tushes, turn off the light and shut the door for the allotted 2 or 3 minutes. The door allows a sliver of light to shine through, but other than that, it is them and the dark. Not fun. Like I mentioned, it is very effective. The only problem is the stray wires, cords, etc that connect to who-knows-what. (Well, apparently one connects to the internet.) But they go in their a bit enojado and start yankin and whatever their little hands can reach. And time has taken a toll on the internet cord, almost completely ripped out of its home. Sad for me as I can no longer upload photos to the computer. Also sad that we better find a new scary timeout. That's not as easy thing to come by. That being said, we may be on the road to recovery. At least we now know what the problem is.
But I am resolved to not let this little blog be neglected. Hopefully soon I'll be able to document what we are actually doing in our lives.


  1. Dang, that sucks that your effective timeout might be no more. There is nothing more truly wonderful that a time out punishment that actually shows results!!

  2. I knew you could always see right through me Gay! Ha ha...thanks for your kind words...I love your little guys..if I knew our kids were going to be that cute and darling I would be poppin 'em out! We really need to come out and see you guys! We miss you tons. Enjoy the sunny's freezing here. Boo!
    Love ya

  3. That's funny!! I'm sure the boys don't mind that they can't have their "dark timeout" anymore. By the way, I hope you take tons of pictures in could at least post them at a later date, when everything's up and running.


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