Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So here's the dirt. Tonight my friends Anneli and Kady had a viewing party to support Brooke's AI experience. Access Hollywood was there to document the whole deal. It was pretty cool and... I got an interview so who knows this could be my big claim to fame! ha ha just kidding (not on the interview part, but on the claim to fame!) but they are airing it tomorrow- Wednesday- so maybe Yosh and I will have an appearance. Once again, Brooke had another great performance. She really is a great performer... I think she has a strong following!! Keep voting!!


  1. Thanks for the pic - I'm totally ripping it off and putting it on my blog. Remember how I said I left my camera in my car? It was actually in my purse under the table all night! Ugh! What a fun night!

  2. I'll be watching for your famous moment!!! That is so cool you know her. She is my fav and I love her personality

  3. i'm going to have to steal that pic too. so unoriginal, i know. whatever. i'm doing it anyway!

  4. Oh...and Brooke is one of my very favs!!

  5. Nancy told me all about it. She said that Josh's backside was on TV!! Thats better than nothing. Whats your e-mail address? I have some cute pics of Dev and Po to send you!


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