Sunday, March 23, 2008

Taneal made an appearance

What is one of the wonderful things about Southern California? Well, everyone wants to come visit you. That's excellent because, to be honest, I don't like traveling near as much as I used to. I love our little home piece out here, so it's great to have people over. My friend, Taneal, from St. Louis (my only high school friend that I still talk to!) came over this past week and we took advantage of going to all the cool places around here- Santa Monica, Gladstone's, Beverly Hills (ok maybe not so cool, but she did get to see the pavarazzi), Venice Beach... It was fun. It was also kinda crazy because I haven't seen her for a long time and she has really never seen me as a mom. Things have changed since our young, care-free hang out days. I'm a full-time mom and she's a teacher and going to school to get her PhD. I'm glad we've matured a bit since our high school days!

note: in that picture of Dallin, Yosh and I, Dallin was being all funny. He kept saying, "We're a family,. Take our picture." But he was saying all sentimentally, it was funny.

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  1. It great to see the girl that made us laugh with all her hilarious stories while we were in our college days..I feel as if I already know her..LOL!!


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