Monday, March 10, 2008

Well before Marlena and Tamara get my blog an R rating for all the use of the word "boobies", I better update the blog!
So last night was precious. Our friends came over with their little 3 month old daughter and Porter started insisting on holding her. Yosh was holding her and I was holding Porter and he kept reaching his arms out and saying, "Uh Uh, " which in baby language meant give me that baby. So Porter and I held her together and he was in heaven. He was so gentle with her and so content just sitting there holding her. I'm wondering if he got his momma's love for babies. He didn't make a peep. You know how usually a kid is interested for 15 seconds and then over it... well that wasn't the case. A little later when I was holding them together again he got down off my lap and started reaching to carry her around by himself! Of course I had to draw the line there! Yosh needed a picture of it all. I have a feeling he's going to use this as a tactic of persuasion if you know what I'm saying! Not happening!

So there have been requests to see the new place. Disclaimers: 1)I'm not a good photographer. 2) I'm not done putting it all together (and probably never will be unless Cami comes out and does it for me!)

left to right: This is mine and Yosh's font, I mean bathtub. I don't know if this pic does it justice but it is a deep, walk down tub. The boys absolutely love it and think it is a swimming pool. Seriously, the other day I walk in to see Porter jumping off the bottom step. Next pics are of the boys' room. I have to say I really love their bedroom. I've been looking forward to doing it for quite some time now. It has a sports theme to it. original, I know. Although I'm not quite finished, I still love it!

This is the living room. Yea, I can finally fit all my furniture! It's very spacious and feels great. Next pic is the dining room/office in the back. I haven't done much with the dining room- ok, anything- but my sister-in-law Cassi came last week and helped me completely organize all of our papers and office stuff. Thank you! The pic doesn't do our work justice!! Last is the kitchen. I no longer have to use a garage storage unit as a pantry and I have plenty of room where all the fam can be in the kitchen together!

I didn't take pictures of all the rooms but this gives a general idea! Now, most importantly, this is the sun setting on the ocean 3 minutes from our house....


  1. Wow! you totally have the party house now. Cute boys room too.

  2. Hey Gay,
    Erin Nielsen here. I was blog stalking and thought I would see what you and your fam was up to. Anneli told me you guys moved and she is super sad. Your new crib (hee hee) looks nice. I think you are still going to get an R rating for the nakey pics of your boys ;) Hope all is well with you guys.

  3. What a cute place! Their room is adorable! I'm excited we could be neighbors! You'll have to help us find some good areas to live in that are nice and cheap!


  5. very nice, gay! the whole place looks awesome! especially the boys room. very classy! i'm looking forward to seeing it person. sometime soon, i hope!

  6. Wow Gay, I'm mucho impressed. Great job! And you always say you're not any good at decorating. It looks awesome...and so close to the beach...I seriously need to come visit.

  7. Cute house!! I think you did a fantastic job on it! I still want to come out there and we can use the " I'm helping you decorate" as the excuse! I sure miss you guys! Lets plan a trip together soon! Even if its out there or Vegas or somethin

  8. What is this R rated talk from using the word boobs?? Are you from Utah or the STL?? Go back to your roots...It's so much better keepin' it real. By the way, I'm comin' over to live at your place!!

  9. First of all, GAY...your boys are showing off their booties (not boobies) in an ORANGE pool...I mean tub!! Man, that thing is gy-normous!!! Hmmmm...what's gonna go on in that after dark? hmmmmm

    Anyway, cute place. Can Steven & I join you? Didn't realize you were the Martha Stewart of us all...have you been goin to Enrichment lately? Last time I checked, your room in college was a disaster, smelled funny, and had naked boys running in and out of broom closets....

    oops...was I supposed to mention that last one? yep...I don't lie!

  10. ooohh did we forget to mention you were the RA at the time and that was your little mexican burrito friend we were hiding in the closet!! hehe!!

  11. HAH!!!..That's what I'm talkin' about...A little TRUTH comin' out through the bloggy experience...ALRIGHT GUH and TAM!!


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