Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top moments this week:

1) Believe it or not....... we have entered the new century... we now have DVR. Thank you, Brooke! Yosh insisted on getting it to watch American Idol so that he wouldn't have to wait through all the commercials to support his AI pick! Has it changed my life? Yes, for the worse. My husband used to never watch the NFL and now he is thrilled that it only takes 30 minutes to watch a game. That means 30 minutes of way-below-quality-time together to replace our oh-so-blissful nights we used to pass together. Am I thrilled? Not so much but that's ok, I'm sure I will convert.

2) I always get yelled at for touching Yosh with my feet. When we are in bed I like to have just a little physical contact so I put my feet kind of on his so that we're touching yet we both totally have our space. Well, he hates it. He compares my feet to sand paper. Possibly true. The other night he told me that he hates me putting my feet on him as much as I would hate him wiping a booger on my face. In fact, he went on to say that if I touched him with my feet again, he in deed would wipe a booger on my face. I touched him with my feet again...

3) Yesterday at the gym, the boys saw their friends while all of us girls did a class. The truth about the happenings came out in DB's prayer. I was praying and he was randomly inserting. These were his inserts. "And I tackle Madeleine." I repeated after him and tried to keep going. His next insert was quick and insistent... "And she no like it..." ! Totally laughing (that would be me; DB was dead serious!) This kid is a sincere pray-er, just says things like they are!

And because no post is complete without a picture...

My cute boys right out of the bath tub. Call it a cliche or corny or whatever, but I really like hanging out with these two little ones. They're a riot!


  1. Gay, Did you find your wedding ring? I laughed at your comment about the feet. I think JJ would agree that he as well hates it, but it is because mine are like ICE!!! I also laughed at DBs prayer. That is hilarious. You should write that somewhere.

  2. you will definitely find that DVR greatly increases TV watching - especially sports!! and i have to agree w/ yosh, the rubbing of the feet bugs me as well.

  3. Oh I cant wait to see the boys and Dev playing together! Just a little FYI she is way into kissing so tell the boys to watch out!!! :)

  4. You thanked Brooke for the DVR??? I could have sworn i have been bugging Yosh about this issue for at least 2 years now. I am glad A.I has finally put him over the edge.

  5. i always put my feet on devin, too. He claims he doesn't mind...because my feet are always cold and he is always hot. I love reading your blog because you are such a good writer and tell a good story!

  6. So, did you get a booger on your face? I don't want to believe Yosh would acually do that to you.

    Madeleine never mentioned getting tackled, but it's nice that Dallin made sure to include it in his prayers. What a sweetheart!

  7. DVR is the greatest ever...but I will have to warn you that you will become addicted to all the trashy shows you dont want to admit to watching (ie. The Hills, Rock of Love, ya know the usual.)

  8. tell him you need a weekly pedicure...that will solve it

    tivo is what we have...and if anything my kids just think they can now watch 'their' shows 24 hours a day, which could possibly be true.

    are you moving to england.

    are you doing the triathlon?

    i need answers woman.

  9. COL - chuckled out loud, I don't know if there is a true abbreviation for this but if not I just came up with one. And don't be disappointed that you just got a chuckle, reading by yourself when it is almost bed time and your back hurts, getting a chuckle out is impressive.

  10. If Yosh complains about your feet, tell him to buy you a pedicure! That is what Caleb does. Every time he complains about my feet, I just give him a look and I get a pedicure. It's great!

  11. You'll love having a DVR, just give it some time (and set some limits on Yosh!) We've had it for a little over a year and I'll NEVER go back. Today we just bought a huge flat screen TV and Matt is currently trying to mount it above our fire place, talk about funny!! But the first step is the DVR...congrats!

  12. josh and gay, i love to look at your adorable family on your blog! i always stalk you from Ali's page! :) seriously, your boys are little studs!


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