Friday, January 25, 2008

And it don't stop

What can I say, another beautiful weekend was just passed in the good ole SSC- Sunny Southern California.

Recipe for success:
-Saturday morning in Santa Monica enjoying the Farmers Market only to be followed by a stroll down to the beach and a spontaneous game of imaginary football. Quality family time.
-A late lunch/early dinner at Stonefire with friends. As if life couldn't get any better, it is followed us with some tennis. Thank goodness we have luxurious friends like the Anderson's who have a tennis court (with night lighting I must add).

So Sunday I was saying what a fun day we had and how it was just a great weekend. And then things only got better...

-Monday morning wake up, leave the rain in Van Nuys only to find the sun in Santa Barbara.

-A great breakfast at some local place- Sambo's.

-An adventurous ride on some 6-person bike type deal.

-Relaxing on the pier with coke and an ice cream.

That's what I call a good weekend...

(For more details check out the Anderson's blog)


  1. GAY...

    it's me! I'm soooo jealous of you being in the good 'ol sunshine! i just happened to find your blog again...good to see ya still've got a lovely fam!

    check out my blog sometime!

    ♥ ya,


  2. If only! We're in a blizzard here! What I wouldn't give to have some family time on the beach!

  3. i don't know gay, i am feeling not very happy with you right now, and this post makes me a little sad. hope we still have weekends like that to look forward to.

    p.s. cuz thats how we roll

  4. cheer coach...LONG story there! They kept asking me last year to do it, and I finally gave in. Don't worry...I've already put in my resignation for next year! I've put in my time. It's been QUITE a year w/ them, but WAY TOO MUCH drama...(fo yo mama!)

    Life is good!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend. I am extrememly jealous. This winter feels like it is never going to end~ You will have to let me know how the new place is?~

  6. Your boys are getting so big!!  We need to see you guys before they get any bigger!!!!!

  7. Gay we know it is nice in CA--we don't need you to tell us about it. We are all jealous enough. If I could only get people to be jealous of snow storms!


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