Monday, January 7, 2008

I started a different post today, oh yeah i just remembered it's saved. Anyway, mid post my computer malfunctioned and we had to restart. In between then and now, my post has drastically changed because of the most unfortunate news... I can't find my wedding ring. I'm freaking out. I know exactly where I left it(which was in somewhat of an irresponsible spot... I put it on the counter when I was making cookies- rookie mistake). So I haven't been able to find it, but I really think it is going to show up. I went through all the trash- that's right, piece by piece. And it didn't go down the disposal so it has to turn up. Until then I have to just wait and try to control my anxiety.

These last few weeks have been pretty fun-filled! We stayed home for the Holidays this year because Yosh's schedule is a lot slower around these couple of weeks and so we get to spend a lot of time together as a family without him taking any time off of work. Now that I'm writing I'm realizing I should say we mostly stayed home for the Holidays. To jump start the whole season, we did go down to Vegas to witness the Cougar's victory in the Las Vegas Bowl. It ended up being a pretty sweet weekend. Our friends, Dave and Brooke, found this amazing hotel for an amazing price. It's called Red Rock Resort. It's about 12 miles off the strip, but you feel like you're miles away from anything and it is so relaxing. The decor was so chic and everything was done so luxurious. It was amazing. The bathtub had a TV on the wall right there so that you could bathe and watch TV at the same time. I think all of us took a bath watching TV. Then you should have seen the pools. There were so many of them in somewhat of a sun formation. We actually took advantage of them despite the cold weather. They had them heated to a nice 88 degrees!
We were freezing (or maybe I should say I was freezing) at the game! But it was fun as always!

Take notice to the TV above the bath tub...sweet. (Please excuse the nudity...)

The pool has this like 10 foot kid rim all the way around so that even little people like Porter could walk all the way around the pool!
Can you believe all these pools?!! And you can't even see some of the hot tubs.

We got home from Vegas on the 23rd. On Christmas Eve we had lunch with friends and then that night we took the boys to the temple to see the lights. They do a real good job. The boys kind of enjoyed the lights but really just liked running around. Here they are in their handsome Christmas Eve sweaters...

Not the best pic, or maybe it is just a very candid one!
Christmas Day was very relaxed... no time schedule and no where to really be. We opened presents in the morning and went to our neighbor's house for brunch. Denny made probably the best Egg's Benedict I've ever had with crisp bacon and tomatoe. He was not messing around- it was delicious! After naps we went over to the Neilsen's for dinner and games... and somehow ended up having a sleep over. I really don't know why we thought that was necessary when we only live 6 streets apart. But whatever! The idea was more fun than the actual event as we didn't get the best sleep but it was spontaneous so that made up for it!

The day after Christmas. Nancy came in town for a couple of days. We went to the Aquarium in Long Beach. It was pretty fun and something new for us! Dallin and Porter both enjoyed looking at all the fish. Although I will say what Dallin was probably the most enthused about was the men in the tanks moving the rocks. He kept wanting to go back to look for the "guys". It's funny what catches their attention.

So we have had a fun few weeks but are liking having a routine back. It's funny how you're always ready to return to the norm...


  1. Cute post, good luck with the ring, Eric has lost 2.

  2. scary about your ring. I hope you find it. Sounds like you had a fun Christmas season.

  3. You always look so forward to the holidays and the excitement and then surprisingly, you look forward just as much to getting back to the norm! I know what you mean! I really hope you find your ring! I would totally freak!

  4. You guys were at the Bowl game!! I should have guessed. Talk about jealous! What a game!

  5. I was ready to return to the norm, but now i am ready to return to vacay mode. so matt has mlk day off after all! yipee. and i am jealous of your relaxing christmas day - oh, if only i didn't have to spend close to 4 hours in the car every christmas. one day. any luck with that ring yet?

  6. so I love the jackets the boys have on!!! I wonder where they got them haha :) I cant wait to see you guys in a few weeks!


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