Thursday, March 3, 2016


Dang, I got sucked into the vacuum of reading old blog posts and you want to know what I miss?
Some funny stories.
Man, I used to have funny stories coming out the ying yang.
And now? Like, in this very moment NOW?
You couldn't pay me a million dollars to write a funny story because I CAN'T THINK OF ONE.
I'm sure that's a direct result of trying too hard, trying to force creativity, etc. but I'll tell you what, I need to start capturing funny moments again because if there's one thing in life I appreciate, it's humor.
And do you know who else very obviously appreciates humor in life?
Porter Pope.
Last night was Pinewood Derby which means the last week or so has included prepping.
Porter pretty quickly deemed Hello Kitty the design inspiration for his car.
My first response?
How many questions did I ask?
Yosh's first response?
If I were to guess, frustration and being annoyed.
A couple days later, I asked Porter why (of all of the many things that interest him in life?) he went with Hello Kitty? Which mind you, I've never heard a single mention of Hello, Kitty-anything from Porter.
What kind of answer did Porter give?
He thought it was funny. And that coy little smile that I'm oh-so-familiar with (strong DNA y'all) accompanied his reply.
When I say his response was completely satisfying, I'm not exaggerating even a little bit.
I get it.
Like, I GET IT, deep in my bones, in my blood, in my DNA, I get it.
Can't anybody argue with funny.
And if it's funny, we want in.
So that was that.
Unfortunately I have a total of 0 pics from last night.
That's what happens when you're in charge of the event. Children suffer, families suffer.
But suffice it to say, Porter and Dallin were in an 8 way tie for last place in the speed division of the derby.
Porter's car got awarded "most girlie" and Dallin's "most likely to be Mormon". 
Can you guess Dallin's design?
His daddy through and through.
At this time, I have to close this post.
I'm getting dramatically yelled at by Kaia for being a loud typer and she absolutely cannot hear her movie.
A loud typer and a loud pee-er.
I'm winning in all the right departments. #not 

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