Thursday, December 24, 2015

8/21 Happiness Project

K I'm tempted to not do this due to time, I'm doing this one quick.

3 new things I'm grateful for:

1) playing volleyball. I play pick up ball once a week on Tuesday nights which has been so much fun. The downer is that it starts at 9 pm and we usually go till 11:30ish and then I can't go to sleep till 1ish. The school morning comes real quick but a while ago I decided I needed to up my quality of life by doing more things I truly enjoy. So staying up super late, therefore  not getting a lot of sleep, is part of the sacrifice. Quality of life > sleep.

2) that I got to sleep in on Wednesday after volleyball. My body is for sure in vacation mode...I couldn't even get up to my 8:00 alarm. Eye lids got their first peek at 9:24 am. Hallelujah hands all the way around.

3) that my parents came in town for Christmas. It's fun getting to share life with them!

One positive experience:

I took the kids shopping so they could buy their sibling exchange gifts. It was super sweet watching them all thoughtfully and deliberately pick out something they thought their person would like. We exchange those gifts on Christmas Eve and it's my absolute favorite. It's the one gift- on the giving and receiving end- that they're emotionally invest4d in. They thought about it, picked it out, and paid for it with their own money. Obvious reasons why they are giddy doing the giving.

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