Tuesday, December 22, 2015

7/21 happiness project

Y'all, I'm blogging and biking at the same time. How sweet is this set up. Maybe Gold's Gym is my new office. I love traveling west to east. We're home and kids are still on west coast/party mode time zone which means they're tucked in bed asleep while I'm up and at em for a couple hours. Fave.

3 new things I'm grateful for:
1) My kids travel so well. They pull their weight, they're helpful, they're independent enough, and don't ask too many questions! I admit, they're a total crutch for me to pull off shenanigans. I don't want to travel/do things alone so having them along for the ride kills so many birds with one stone. I was just telling Yosh this trip that I don't know what I'll do without them when that time comes where they ditch me and start a life of their own. 

I was reminding myself of how grateful I am for their behavior last night as Deeter was literally crying himself to sleep. It was a rough night. A great day, a rough night. His heart was broken about something (losing electronics for a day) and nothing was going to console him. Well, technically I bet earning electronics back but that wasn't happening. Anyway, in the moment I was thinking and praying and hoping for some idea to help my poor boy out and nothing was working. You know one of the hardest answers/solutions with kids? Time. Sometimes time is the only remedy for things returning to normal. It's painful to sit still, do nothing, and wait. Often that's what's needed though. As much as it hurts now to wait out a petty electronic disappointment, I don't even want to think about the things I'll be waiting out during the teenage years and how I'm sure I'll be waiting much longer than a couple hours or one night's sleep…

2) Our tradition of stopping by Rudy's on the way home from the airport. Whether we're picking someone up or its us returning home, if Rudys is open were usually stopping in for a meal. 

3) Nice people who compliment young families. It's easy to feel like a burden or a circus show walking around as a mom with four youngish kids. But so many people are complimentary and encouraging and it's refreshing to feel that posit icing and support, even if only from strangers. 

One positive experience:

Yosh has been so cute about BYU picking a new head coach. He was telling me about the press conference where Kalani (can't remember last name) took press for first time. I asked him for a date that night, to watch it together. He lit right up and held me to my word after the kids were in bed. It was so fun watching Yosh get excited at sharing that with me and then watching his reaction everytime the new coach talked. It was a sweet 20 minute and a good reminder for me to connect more with Yosh on his level. He's a good man!

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