Friday, December 18, 2015


I'm doing this a day late but let's not forget to remember the most important part- it's getting done!

3 things I'm grateful for:
1) traveling with my kids. I love the excitement in the air upon arriving somewhere away from home and watching/listening to all the details the kids point out. Granted, we're in Vegas, and some of those details I wish they'd miss…

2) growing kids. We're in a stage where we can walk around as a family and do things that we couldn't do even 2 years ago. I appreciate the changing stages and I like where we're currently at. 

3) paper and markers. These kids have been getting back to the basics and doing lots of coloring. The boys (Deeter and Porter) are into making and coloring football fields. I love seeing their creativity and that it's something the two of them can bond over and, most importantly, that they're very entertained and engaged without a screen in front of them. 

A positive experience:

Dang here I go struggling again. Maybe because it's the next morning and I'm erroneously feeling like the real objective of this exercise is simply to remember. Like anything. My memory is failing me young y'all!

But I got one. And I know it's one because right when I remembered it a smile automatically came to my face. We took a cab to the airport in Austin and our cab driver was just happy and pleasant! He was this guy originally from St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Naturally he talked with a cool accent which made any and everything he said a million times cooler. More than anything, he was interested in what we had going on, made us all feel important, and set our trip off to a very good start.

There you go! 

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