Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Dang I'm tired. But I'm pushing through and making things happen. Things that disciplined and determined people make happen.

So first I'm starting with my positive experience of the day. Now before I share the experience, I need to create a visual. Have you ever been to one of those bird cages, where they give you a little cup of nectar for the birds and upon entering the cage, birds just come at you. Better yet, at the nectar, but since you're the one holding's a mad dash at you. A bird may possibly land on your head, your shoulder, etc. It's intense, y'all.

Well the boys had friends over today.  I was making them cookies and when I went out to the football field, i.e.: the front yard, to deliver them, all of a sudden I had 10 boys coming at me quickly with outstretched hands yelling, "Cooookiiieeeeesssss!!!!" I was holding the nectar and they sniffed that stuff out on the stat and were on me. And I loved every second of it. It warmed my heart, enough so that it's my positive experience!

Three new things I'm grateful for:

1) Diet Coke. I love having some rituals in my life. And getting a Coke is one of those. 

2) Spontaneous mornings. I took the boys (just Porter and Deeter; Dallin stayed home from school with a headache today) to McDonald's this morning before school. We just ran through the drive through for a McGriddle for Ports and pancakes for Deeter and then I dropped them off to school. But yes, mixing it up is my jam!

3) Dallin's genuine laugh. Dallin is very polite and a people pleaser and socially correct, so he laughs a lot. But to get a genuine, real, heartfelt laugh out of Dallin? They're not a dime a dozen. Last night Dallin and I were playing flick football and although it's not a particularly funny game!, I got a few gut laughs and I loved it! Those moments are golden.

Ok, I did it! Still liking this. 

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