Wednesday, June 17, 2015

You know things are bad when….

…sugar cookies get a post of their own.
Like, how is it that completely different events (and some non-events if we're being honest) are categorized together because the singular common denominator is…I made sugar cookies for it.

Let's get started.
So there's this girl, The Alison Show, (quick interruption…how cool is it to be The _____. If I ever have the privilege of being referred to as The Gabrielle ((as opposed to The Gay?)), I will be very pleased with my life)… Back to The Alison Show. I'd been seeing these cookies on her Instagram feed for a while and finally I took the bite. I officially crossed the threshold to "Baking Nerd" when I bought the tutorial to learn how to make these bad boys. It was the Valentine conversation heart cookies that sealed the deal for me.

I watched and read and got to baking. 
The best part in the making of these cookies was texting with Anneli, Chelsi, Laura, and Kady to come up with the words.
Pure comedy.
I wish I had screen shotted (<---what the heck, weirdest word ever) the convo.
The second best part of these cookies is that they had no real purpose. I mean, I wasn't making them for anyone's class or anything. I just thought it would be fun(ny). We did deliver a few to some neighbors. The boys definitely picked out their favorites to have at lunch and show their friends. But that was about as far-reaching as the purpose got.

We (The Creative Team) also thought it would be hilarious if we limited the rest of the communicating to cookies. Which would bring this cookie into play quite often...

Okay, I'm done, I'll stop because I'm already giggling to myself again as I type this and I have a feeling this whole exchange falls into the category of "inside joke" which means no one is amused by this besides me!
(y'all are missing out, fyi!)

I then made cookies for a few people's birthday celebrations with witty words on them. 
Below is for a 40th birthday party.

On to the next.
Did I mention that I got called as Cub Master at Church?
Well, I did. And my first event was the Pinewood Derby.
In all honesty, that really was such a great event to break me into the calling.
The boys were bound to love it as it's (almost) every boys' dream to race cars.
Outside of logistical planning for the derby, I only did one personal cutesy touch…
Racecar Sugar Cookies duh!

The night was a total success, no thanks to the cookies, but I have to throw that in for recording purposes. I wish we could do Pinewood Derby like 5x a year. Next year, my boys will get more say in their car and we'll start it with more than a 2 day heads up. There's a learning curve in everything and this wasn't an exception for us!

Lastly was Deeter's sending forth party. His preschool class is on to Kindergarten next year and we had to celebrate that! The party was held at my house and I deemed it necessary for the kids to have a cookie with their name on it! They were adorable. Not witty at all, but adorable still the same.

So there you have it, 4 totally unrelated events brought together by sugar cookies. 
Definitely a happy ending.

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