Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summa Time

Ahhhhhhhh summer.
Feeling summer kind of leaves me speechless.
It really is more of a feeling- like a really, really good feeling- than anything else.
A few weeks ago I started taking St John's Wort after reading up on mild depression. Simultaneously, the sun reappeared after being hidden behind clouds and rain and thunderstorms for days on end. I'm not exaggerating about the sun disappearing around these parts. For literal WEEKS (maybe 5?), I would look on my weather app at the 10 day forecast and there wouldn't be a single sun pic. Just a cloud with a lightning strike.
So as much as I want to credit St. John's wort for my almost-immediate depression recovery, I think the true active ingredient was the sun. And why can't my computer have emojis because all I need right now are about 10 pair of hallelujah hands.
But back to summer. We've found a good rhythm of completing chore charts in the morning, having some kind of a water outing (swimming, kayaking, more swimming), followed by relaxing and then baseball. Seriously it's the first time in my life that home schooling has ever sounded appealing. If  I could have a relaxed scheduled like this that found a balance of education, QT with the kids, and fun experiences all year round…that would be my ideal life.
Unfortunately, this week's lazy schedule was interrupted by camp. On Monday I was like, "What were you thinking signing them up for camps, idiot?" But balance, my friends, balance. I just needed a couple more weeks before I was ready to incorporate that kind of balance. But as life usually is, UT basketball camp could care less about my tailored balance schedule and very obviously didn't cater around it and that was a camp that regardless of it's timing, the boys were definitely going to attend. So the big boys are there and the little kids are with friends at Kidventure and I have something that I am shocked to admit…I miss them. I want to be kickin it with them and live last week all over again. It's not quite as easy finding grown adults to go swimming with you and kayaking and sno-coning. And let's be honest, even if I did find those adults, I couldn't call it "work". Right?!!!
I'm ready to get my party people back and act like a kid the rest of the summer!

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