Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dang I have a lot to get down in writing. Guess random, bullet-point style is going to be the format.

Last week's running log:
(yes, still obsessed with running)
Monday- ran The Lake, 5 in 43:03; lifted full body
Tuesday- ran outside with the girls, 5.5 in 52:30; lifted legs
Wednesday- lifted shoulders
Thursday- 7 in 58:30 speed workout
2 m WU, 7x.5 (@8ish min), .25 recovery
Saturday- 10 mile trail run (don't know time. Do know I fell. And my ankle is sore. Not from falling, just from trailing. Ankle? Really?)

*I am still loving running. Something that has kept my love afloat is that I'm also reading about running. Between blogs, Born to Run, and Ultra Marathon Man, I'm getting a steady dose of daily influence that has taken me from a recreational/off and on runner to un poco obsessed runner. It made me realize that with similar habits, other areas of my life can improve. I want to put more daily focus on my spirituality and reap the same results. I think I've been skating by and feeling it.

*I saw the movie The Theory of Everything on Friday with my friend Stacey. The movie definitely isn't your happy ending, everything works out kind of American movie. It's the story of Stephen Hawking, inclusive of how his wife took on the impossible of caring for him in spite of knowing his disease. While watching the movie, I was enjoying my treat of popcorn and sour patch kids and relishing in the combination and how it allowed me to eat both more popcorn and more candy. Now granted, that example is definitely a "for better or worse" scenario. But I'm not kidding when I all of a sudden got the concept of needing an opposite in all things. The screen illustrated so vividly the sweet and salty of life. My treats I was eating helped me understand why we need the sweet and salty. Or better yet, how they work together as a team. Life can't be sustained on never-ending lows. Nor can it be sustained with continual highs. We need them both to cause balance and allow for longevity. Light bulb moment where words I'd heard all my life took on a new level of meaning. 

*Saturday night I asked Dallin if he wanted to fast. We haven't fasted with him since he got baptized as I've totally fallen off the fasting wagon and therefore never remember to mention it to him. Dallin was thrilled to do it. I asked him if he had ideas as to what he wanted to fast for. He said he wanted to fast to have more desire to read the scriptures more. I told him that was great, but out of curiosity, asked him if he felt like what we were doing as a family wasn't enough or didn't count. (Like I said, I just wanted to understand more where he was coming from.) He was all, "Well look, mom, one night we do, the next night we dint and you just never know!" Ouch! And here I was feeling all proud for how much I had improved as far leading that! Ha! He's a good kid. And once again, personal daily spirituality was something I had been wanting to improve on, but hadn't taken the initiative to shift into gear. But now? I'm on Team Dallin and have a reason to get going on something I've been wanting to do for awhile! He's a great kid. And….Porter excitedly jumped on the fasting band wagon. He declared he's going to start fasting every time. They both did great on Sunday and shockingly (especially for Porter…sorry but true!) didn't complain at all! (Yosh and I followed suit and it really was so inspiring to do together, being led by the kids!)

*Dallin and Porter have been propoganding HEAAAAAVVVY and hard to play tackle football. I took the boys to school one morning and the topic raised again. Dallin's parting, emotional words were, "So I just get to be the wimp of all f=my friends, the only one who still has to do flag?" …And he was out the door. After school we were back in the car and obviously Dallin had spent at least a portion of the day editing and solidifying his football argument. "Mom, you say I can't start tackle football until 7th grade. That only gives me 3 years of practice before I'm in high school. And in high school, that's when the scouters start coming. Mom, I'll never get a scholarship if I wait til 7th grade to start tackle football!" Said with much emotion and conviction. Only commentary I can give is that homeboy is definitely sharpening his negotiating skills. Well done, child. Still not going to give in and be forced to be back in Austin by August 1st, but your arguing skills are going to be money by the time things are all said and done.

*Going to put my pride in my back pocket and admit something. We had been playing a lot of spades with the boys- they're obsessed. Last night was their first time teaming up and taking on Yosh and I. Yosh and I got set last night in Spades by Dallin and Porter. Yes, you read that correctly. Unbelievable.
lucky Dad got a precious letter from the Ports

mama sleeping in calls for McDonalds for breakfast for the littles. Too bad the big boys are now responsible for taking care of themselves when I don't pull through for them!

my first trail run in Austin. It was amazing!

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