Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SLC baba-baby

October was the month of weekend traveling for us.
It's ok, don't feel sorry for me.
I love being kept on my toes, having the day to day pace mixed up, etc etc.

The tour started out in Salt Lake City.
I had gotten a call from The Yosh a couple months previous suggesting this Utah weekend trip.
Of course, I assumed there was a BYU football game involved.
What I didn't assume was that he wanted the whole crew to go.
But indeed, he had this vision of the fam hitting up Strawberry Lake with Matt Nordhoff and teaching his boys how to fish.

That catapulted him into action and he made it happen. We bunked up with Grammy and Bompa for the weekend where we were treated like royalty. I loved watching them in action and can only dream that those are the type of grandparents Yosh and I are.

Highlights of the weekend:
*fishing with the Nordhoff's (…or maybe just chatting with Jess for me!)
*the four boys went to the BYU/Utah State game. A very tragic 2nd quarter-- Taysom Hill broke his leg and that was the end of his season. All the boys, especially their leader, was in shock.
*I went to dinner on Friday night with Jess Nordhoff, Cami Hickcox, and Whitney Howes. I always love a good catch up sesh with these girls. They are amazing! 
*Yosh went duck hunting with Nordhoff. I've been trying to upload this video. Hopefully at some point I can because it sums up their outing!
*a 7 mile run that felt like a million bucks. I guess elevation doesn't get to me as much as I thought it would.
*We got to visit the Greenwood's down at their house and the cousins got some good play time.
*We got to hang out with the Reese's and Sorenson's on Saturday night. It was great seeing them after so long!
*Grammy made Swedish pancakes on Sunday morning, a childhood favorite for Yosh.
*Grammy made Sunday dinner and it felt like the good ole days!
*My Diet Coke cup never went empty the whole weekend- Bompa is quite the waiter! 

Hope fully I come back to edit/add to this but I'm posting while the posting is good!

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