Monday, November 3, 2014

Week Recap

Last week's running

Monday: 5.5 miles
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 6.5 miles, WU, 4x1 miles (@8:00), CD= 53:30
Thursday: 4 miles
Saturday: 8 miles

Last week was a taper week. I don't know if that acted as a decentive (can that please mean "opposite of incentive"?) to keep closer track of times. Or maybe it was the fact that last week sucked. I had 0 confidence building runs. One or all of the above resulted in less than detailed notes.

Enough about running. Let's just talk about sucky days that sometime turn into sucky weeks. That would be last week for me. I often feel like analysis of crappy days/weeks turns much more into a game of "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" and therefore I rarely arrive at a newsworthy solution. But….things I've been curious about as to whether or not they are contributing factors:

1) My two previous running weeks were 40 and 46 mile weeks. Both numbers are way above my norm and way above my "best ever". Although I have no idea what my best ever number was as I've never kept track. But I wonder if it took a toll of my mind more than my body. (Or maybe more on my body which then took a toll on my mind. See? Another case in point set within a case in point. Chicken or egg….)

2) I wasn't feeding my body very well. Lots of snacking on less nutritious food. Which equalled less meals. Which equalled more snacking on even crappier food. Which led to me feeling disgusting some mornings with zero desire to eat anything. Which then left me working out on an empty stomach three hours after I woke up. Formula for no bueno performance is right there.

3) I've never been one to deal well with pressure and I wonder if I had some unconcious mental breakdown with my race coming up. As I've mentioned, I've never set a time goal on a race (besides PR pleeaaaaaaassssse??? Yes, every time. That's the only thing I ever think.) and I'm wondering if this is how I break down under pressure. Who knows. But maybe this is one reason we set goals and reach for them--- so that we can identify our weaknesses and work on them. Note: work on dealing with pressure as it comes closer to a deadline.

Now onto the positives and the ways in which I've grown:
*I got my kids to school everyday.
*I didn't fight with Yosh/take my emptiness out on him. In fact, him and I had a cook week.
*When I felt my mood slipping way south, I concentrated on fueling my body with things that would make me feel better.
*I didn't give up.    

Last week's highlights:
Having a family picnic on the driveway on Wednesday night. It was perfect fall weather, we ate pizza and salad and the boys played football.
*I took Dallin and Porter to Westlake's football game on Thursday night. Dallin was super cuddly and just wanted to chat with his mama.
*All the kids dressed up and loved Halloween. My neighbor, Alexa, hosted a Chipotle dinner before everyone started trick-or-treating.

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  1. Not hating. Totally wanting to participate. Your my hero and always will be. Love these posts. Do you know what my favorite part was? Of course I love tht your writing down your running but I love your faves of the week. Picnic on the driveway? This is why I want to be just like you.


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